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81. Is there an article of clothing, a piece of make-up, or an accessory that you carry with you or wear every day?

For a while I wore this giant gold ring with about 30 glass diamonds in it - it stuck up about 5/8" above my middle left finger. My Joan Crawford ring. But then I started dealing with a baby and doing manual labor, so that was out.

A necklace with the 8 symbols of the Buddha

I always try to put blush on. I am very, very pale, and it helps me look less like I’m a zombie. And mascara.

When I went to Chile in January of 2007, I was determined to buy a lapis lazuli ring (Chile is one of only two places in the world where lapis is mined). I was there for three weeks and looked in every store, in every open air market, but I could never find one I felt was perfect (and that also fit my 21-year-old college senior budget). On the 2nd to last day, I got my ring, purchased from an old woman in a dusty booth on some back street of Santiago. It’s very simple, silver, with a large lapis stone. I’ve worn it every single day since I’ve had it. Not only is it beautiful and classic and a little bit bold, but it reminds me of the trip, which is one of the first times I traveled internationally by myself.
On the same trip, I bought a silver bracelet to spend the last of my Chilean money in the airport before my flight left. It was apparently made by Mapuche (the Chilean indigenous people) and had a vaguely tribal design. I wore that, too, every single day until about a year ago when it just snapped in half for no reason. My boyfriend was happy, because it caught on everything and would hurt him when we made out (WHATEVER), but I was really sad to lose my other little Chilean talisman.
I also like to wear random combinations of permanent bracelets (always on my left wrist). I say permanent, but I mean the kind of hippieish cloth bracelets you wear for a few years or months until they fall off. I’ve had multiple hamsas (although I’m not Jewish, I minored in Jewish studies and I love the symbolism behind the hamsa), multiple Senhor do Bomhim bracelets (or Brazilian Wish Bracelets), random silver ball chains, cloth bracelets I bought in Ecuador and Guatemala and New Mexico, slim black leather cord bracelets, friendship bracelets made by children I nannied, you name it. I wondered recently if I were getting too old for that kind of random hippie bracelet look, but then I thought, who cares?

a lipstick

I can really get into lip tint. Burt's Bees "Fig" or Revlon's "Adore", for example.

I never cared about lingerie before, but I will say this: getting a real bra fitting is no joke when you’re expecting. Those boobs really do swell on you, for a surprisingly long time, and going braless occasionally becomes a thing of the past. I used to wear a 36B and am now a 36C at least. I hate the smoothly robotic-neutral color of most maternity bras, but it’s simply too much effort to fight that tendency entirely.

I never take out my body jewelry, and usually wear the same pieces, I only ever change one of my four ear piercings. But beyond that, it changes a lot.

No, not really.

My mother’s onyx and gold college ring.

No, although I do carry my blue eyeliner around in my bag in case of needing to 'dress up' quickly.

Mascara! Also, I usually have one of my coats in tow, just in case it gets cold which it’s bound to do in San Francisco.

I would say my wedding ring and my opal ring, but lately I've had some major dry skin on my hands that has kept me from wearing rings all the time. It still feels a bit weird. I usually have lip balm of some sort either in my pocket or in my bag.

No. I used to wear rings my ex-boyfriends gave me, but then I realized I didn't have to do that if I didn't want to, so I stopped.

This changes over the year. It used to be a necklace for a while. Lately, the only common thing is my FitBit.

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