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83. Do you remember the first time you were conscious of what you were wearing? Can you describe this moment and what it was about?

I remember when I was maybe two or three and my favorite dresses were the twirly ones and I would spin and spin until I got dizzy.

I remember I liked light sundresses best. I loved climbing trees in them.

I think it was when I was at school and realized that most of the girls looked like girls and I didnĀ“t. I asked my mother to pierce my ears so that people would know that I was a girl.

I remembered when I went shopping with my mom and I just decided that I wanted to pick what I like and not my mother.

One of my first memories is being in a kitchen full of adults who started laughing at the back of my shorts- there was a picture of a skunk and it said "I'm a little stinker." I was really mortified and pissed off about being made a laughing stock without my prior knowledge.

I was cleaning out my closet before my style shifted and my friend was diplomatically criticizing my clothing for not being flattering or cohesive. As she was pointing out the flaws, I realized how right she was about almost everything.

Probably being a little girl and my mom had me wear pretty gender-neutral clothes sometimes, and not feeling like the other girls in my school with so much pink and purple and florals (it was probably the 80s).

Yes not happy about weight gain. I see my self in mirror.

getting dressed for church as a child - more formal than my regular clothes.

I remember my sister and I wearing velour pyjamas with white edging - hers was bright yellow-green and mine was blue. I remember thinking hers were nicer.

I was about 4 years old and I remember I was wearing black leggins, a tight orange long sleeve, and matching shocks with boots. I realized that was fashion... everybody was commenting on my clothes!

I remember as a young child, maybe five, having an outfit with girls who had crazy hair and their legs hung down past the end of the shirt so they could move. The leggings that went with the shirt were colorful, and my mom would do my hair like the girls on the shirt. I loved it. I remember a lot of the outfits I wore during childhood-- the Oxfords I insisted on in kindergarten, the clogs I wore in third grade, the blue shirt and shorts set I chose one summer. I think I've just always had an idea of what I liked, and I've always liked clothes.

when I was small; I loved my red shoes and I hated buttons. I wanted to wear sweaters all the time. I wanted a barrette in my hair. i like my hair tied back.

My mother made me some lovely dresses when I was very young and I was always quite aware how pretty they were and how lucky I was

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