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83. Do you remember the first time you were conscious of what you were wearing? Can you describe this moment and what it was about?

As a girl my grandmother bought me a yellow dress with bolero. For the first time I felt I wore something that I needed to take care of.

I was young, about 7, and realised that my parents dressed me like a boy...and started hating it and rebelling and wanting to wear pink and purple instead

When I weared a dress that I thought it was classical, not sexy at all and i realised that they were looking at me in a special way.

A purple "suit" rib, I think I was 12 or so and very happy with it... I also remember once at elementary school with our school fotos being taken and me wearing a set of stockings il with a hole right on my knee and feeling shame..

Cuando me vistieron de comunión. Y no me gustó nada lo que vi.

too hard to recall!

:) my mom made me a dress that you could change: there where buttons and different thinks like pockets or pieces like that and i remember sunday mornings deciding how i wanted the dress to look, and why.

Yes. I was three years old and my grandfather insisted on me wearing a dress my mum has left prepared for me early in the morning before she left to work. I refuse and instead opted for more comfortable clothes. The dress had flowers in it, I don't like patterns.

when I was 4 years old I realized that I didn´t look as pretty in jeans as I did in dresses, I threw a tantrum, I screamed "boys wear jeans girls wear dresses" I cried so much because I felt so ugly. I still have a bit of an issue when I wear jeans.

When I was at school, six years old: I was wearing very uncool polyester trousers in navy blue and my classmates laughed about me (because they were wearing jeans).

When girls in my class started making fun of me, at 11ish

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