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1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

when I'm inspired and full of joy

When my skin is clear, when I don't have any hair on unwanted places and when guys randomly stare/look up at me.

When I've just gotten ready for a night out and have somehow managed to ace my make-up.

1960’s in first pant suits
1970’s living/ buying clothes in France/Italy

when i have taken an hour on make up hair

When I'm comfortable and happy, when my hair looks like I want it to, when people are paying attention to me, or perhaps when I'm wearing amazing shoes.

When i have control of my life and i feel like im being valued for who i am.

Anytime I'm wearing something funky + cute underwear, I feel like the sun shines directly out of my face.

When I know that someone noticed I look attractive. It may be a compliment or a flirty look.

I feel at my most attractive when I have exercised and stretched and know I am taking good care of my body. I am eating well, drinking enough water and listening to my body. I also feel most beautiful when I am on top of my beauty routine. Furthermore, when I don't worry about what to wear and seem to know intuitively what to wear and really like what I am wearing that day.

With lined eyes, a vintage shirt, shorts and my black reebok classics.

When my clothes accentuate my beauty and support with my activities without asking for my attention.

When I’ve just woken up, braless and in my underwear. I open up my windows anyway and just feel plain old good. Or when I’m wearin something that allows me to sit with one leg folded up under me—that’s my power pose.

when im going out with my husband

Lying under the sun.

• Right after my period is over, usually.
• When i’ve recently gained perspective about what my life is. Therefore feeling semi successful.

when I wear a lot of makeup

When I'm having a good hair day and my clothes fit. I've gained a lot of weight recently, and wearing old clothes that are too small doesn't feel as good as wearing larger clothes that suit my body.

I used to answer: when I'm wearing 100 % cotton blue jeans (straight leg, low waist, buttons), a 100 % cotton white T-shirt and a black woolen vest. But that was in the nineties. There are no more 100% cotton blue jeans anymore. Plus I am over 40 and have developed a tummy. So now I feel most attractive when I'm wearing white jeans (straight leg, low waist), a black thigh-length tunic with 3/4 sleeves, perhaps a blazer and cowboy boots.

When I've had time to do my hair and makeup- and when I'm wearing an outfit I know I look good in

When I'm wearing an outfit I love (an outfit that is really unique and strong) and my makeup is done.

when im in my favorite clothes

When I buy new clothes.

Whenever I am ready to leave the house- and have gotten dressed and put my makeup on.

I feel most attractive after a hot shower, putting on my unique/hand-made jewelry, perfume & and clean pair of jeans. I never wear make-up, and my unique socks & a pair of Birkenstocks make me feel ALL ME.... the old Hippie never died!

When I get up.

When I've got makeup on and nice clothes.

when people compliment me.

when my energy is good- i'm feeling alive, connecting with people, in the moment, in myself, very upbeat and positive and natural.

When I spot strangers stealing glances at me (usually when I've made extra effort with my makeup or worn some new clothes)

When I feel in control of my life

when my lipstick matches my outfit

When I am wearing something hot that makes me feel confident and my boyfriend is looking at me with... those eyes.

When I'm in a boyish style. It's not like I wanna dress up boyishly. I just get more compliments in that case.

??? I scarsely think how I look... Maybe wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in.

When I am confidently being myself. Confidence tends to draw eyes, so generally the people paying attention make me feel most attractive..

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