1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

Alannah Albany

1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

late afternoon

2. Do you notice women on the street? If so, what sort of women do you tend to notice or admire?

I notice women like me

3. What are some things you admire about how other women present themselves?

they seem so much more stylish a lot of the time, but not always - I feel I do not know how to dress

I havent had that moment yet

baggy is good

as above, baggy is good

I havent had one yet


cardies, leggings, padded coats - I just like them



im not too dissimilar - a little thinner but there is time yet

oh my gosh yes

early twenties - I sort of grew up too early

not in the slightest

inverted T - too broad in the shoulders, too narrow in the hips - just altogether too tomboyish and I dont like it


i have dips and highs, difficult to explain

im au naturel - just in jammies in bed - hair all over the place

it sort of feels comfortable

nobody really, except maybe online

not at all, I think

i think i have both - i just think i dont exhibit it much

no - there are too many to count

not really

i would hope so


i would not say i know what i like - i just know what i like when i see it - its quite immediate - the same is true of pretty much everything in my life

not at all

perfume, more than anything else

bedtime !

be calm, be assured, be confident, be clean



i dont get that association - to be honest, i try not to look. If everything seems neat enough, that is good enough for me

colour, more than anything else at all - depends on not just my mood, but the mood I want to have for the day


no difference

clean, pristine, clean lines and edges and good colour - no clashes please!

classical is me, modern is me
fuddy duddy is not me

white british, well brought up, I suppose you would call it a conservative background

oh yes - I have been to parties where I dressed to thrill and yes, it was a thrill, but different for the guys than it was for me - i sort of felt free

tone down, absolutely always - natural makeup, natural hair, calm clothes and colours

i dont do either



not sure

long denim skirt, knee length boots, roll neck sweater, warm woollen coat, floaty scarf, nice handbag and subdued jewellry

It just feels like me



no goodness no


i dont think so, not specifically - i like to be my own person


power dressing

slinky dresses, fitted suits



i love it - i only wear it for special occasions

just plain cleanliness

im pretty minimal

lots of leggings, a few jumpers, a few jumper dresses, a couple of skirts, not much jewellry, a few pairs of ankle boots, no high heels, pretty plain really

I have a beautiful small italian handbag

I have a raincoat, yellow slicker style, i just thought would be useful but have never used

handbags and boots

yes - a few actually - i had a lovely long wool coat which I dearly miss - it was warm, it fitted beatifully and I really do not know why i did not keep it - moved house, i think

my onesie

go for a proper fitting

the italian handbag and yes, i love it and use it for special occasions

yes, several

i need just thr right dress - i cannot consolidate my shape

not at all


I have a pair of boots which were a last minute purchase but they have proved their worth

mostly online

i like to smell clean

it doesnt really

it comes and goes - i buy what i can, when i can



no - well yes, but i dont feel comfortable saying

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