1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

Anneli Saari

1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

??? I scarsely think how I look... Maybe wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in.

2. Do you notice women on the street? If so, what sort of women do you tend to notice or admire?

Women that have an unique style. Women that have dressed carefully even if it was cold, raining and just another day.

3. What are some things you admire about how other women present themselves?

See previous question. I often wear clothes that are suitable for weather but not necessarily nice looking. So I admire people that look stylish every day, no matter the weather or situation.

No, or I can't remember.

I buy almost all clothes second-hand. It would be nice and necessary to support some new businesses that focus on sustainable clothing.
So, don't buy everything second-hand.

I don't wear bright colours. But it would be very dull, if everybody followed this rule.

Not a conversation... But I respect women who wear anything they like and don't bother to think too much if the clothes actually look good on them.

I try to concentrate on things that I like, and not to stress too much about those others.

Black t-shirts! Dark jeans. Because I wear them a lot.

I knitted socks for my friend and she used them until they were trash.

Many. I don't want to buy any item that will later look like "I was very fasnionable. About three years ago".

It has, they say. I am tall, for eaxmple.

I borrowed mom's clothes when I was teen. I must have also adapted things, just can't remember now any.

Not dramatically... A few years ago I decided to abandon everything (from my wardrobe) that wasn't easy to combine with everything else.

Maybe. I don't want to look too feminine, or feminine at all. I want people to concentrate to how I think, not how I look.

Tall, normal weight.

??? No idea how to do that.

Very difficult, I don't know what to say.

Hair is short and it is not done in any way, apart the cut. I don't wear make-up (never). I have a gray wool sweater, black t-shirt, dark jeans and black pair of boots.

I knit the sweater myself. I like a lot of these jeans (dark colour, good fit) and I often wear a pair of black boots, these or some other pair.

My friends at the stable. We're all trying to stay warm and dry in all weathers so we keep discussing what to wear in different conditions.

Institutions? We have casual style at work, so I suppose there aren't any institutions.

I have a taste, not perhaps a style. The difference between is perhaps that I want to look "invisible", a stylish person wants to look good.

Not biggest. But I have bought clothes that I haven't use almost at all :-(

I'm not sure if I understand right... But I recommend to wear right-size clothes, otherwise you end up looking weird.

Not really. I'm picky about my stuff, so sometimes it is a bit difficult to find something (for example, it took me ages to decide which blanket to buy to my horse).

Yes. Job interviews, for exmple.

I'm developing or even rather good at this. I think it comes from experience.

My mom taught me to sew and knit. She also taught me to repair clothes. Both my parents wear clothes until trash, I'm not able to do that. Yet?

Black. Boots. Messy hair. A bit too small shirt.

I'm not a native speaker of English... Well, I those words make me think of people that look good no matter what they are wearing. They feel good about themselves and it shows.

I want to able to combine almost everything in my wardrobe. I don't want buy or have clothes that I don't wear often. Accessorizing is the key. And choosing just a few colours.

Something that is working, fitting to its place. Harmony.

Too many colours or patterns combined. Visual noise.


Weather. And if I'm going to stay indoors or outdoors.

To feel comfortable through the day. Not too hot or cold, no too weird clothes.

Dressing up=I want people too see me, to look at me (and think "wow").

But I do wear a uniform. Black t-shirt, grey sweater, dark jeans, a pair of black boots. A pair of white tennis shoes at summer.

See previous question. Subtle colours, well-fitting clothes, natural materials, not fasnionable.

Not me: fashion, bright colours, shopping

??? Working class, country side. People didn't/don't buy often new clothes, and certainly they don't buy fasnionable clothes. People value what you do or who you are, not how you look like. From where I come from.

I tried to follow fashion back then. It made me very unhappy, because I felt constantly "so-last-season". So after a few years I came into my senses snd stopped completely.

Visit hair dresser. Clean/polish shoes. Wear something dark and well-fitting.

There are no expectations, really. Sometimes I "rebel" by dressing neatly.



If I had one... Maybe comforting, if it suitable for me and for the task.

Black t-shirt, grey sweater, dark jeans, a pair of black boots. A pair of white tennis shoes at summer.

I like these clothes. Suitable for 98% of my time outside home (and at home, too), except sports. Suitable for many weathers depending on coat and thickness/material of sweater.

Yes there was. I few kilos back men's trousers were better for me than womens. There are often too short sleeves in womens clothes, still.



Oh dear :-(

Katharine Hepburn.

At least I don't remember one.

Classy and stylish, like Grace of Monaco, or petit and slim, like Audrey Hepburn.

??? Wouldn't change a thing.


Wear clothes that you like, that make you feel comfortable. A smile is a most important accessory.

No. I'm a bit allergic to (strong) perfumes. Some of them are nice.

Visit hair dresser. Clean/polish shoes. Wear something dark and well-fitting. Iron that jacket and trousers.

It doesn't.

Natural fibre basic clothes in subtle colours. Clothes (and shoes) for every weather between rain, shine and far below zero. No jewelry.

Dark grey wool cardigan.

A skirt, that I sew for me. I thought I would need a black pencil skirt. No I don't, but I keep it because I made it (fool).

Valuable meaning expensive? Riding clothes, I suppose. I have lots of them, I wear them a lot, and I have to buy some of them new (there simply are not second hand items in my size).

Winter shoes with spikes. I thought I had too much shoes and I gave them away. Silly me! It gets cold and slippery every year.

Black long sweater with polo collar.

Think about where and when I usually wear my clothes. Buy only clothes that "click" when I see them. And natural fibres only!

Haven't bought it (yet?).


Leather jacket. Biker style, black, long-enough sleeves.

Not really. I'm quite precise on my shoes, I wash and wax them after winter.

??? Noo-oo.

A black cotton cardigan, mens. I bought it second-hand, without much a thought. It became one of my favourites and I have bought a similar one later.

If I don't own anything suitable for the weather. If some of my basics is too worn out to be used anymore.

Fresh. Clean.

Ambitions? Don't have.

I try to save money. I can't understand how much clothes people give away or sell second-hand. It suits me well, because I can save, but I feel bad about environment. And workers rights in Bandgladesh.

A scarf. It is easy to add/remove according to the temperature.

Someone told me once that I've got a body lika a model. I had never thought so myself.

I was perhaps 8 or 9 years old. My schoolmate notified, not nicely, that I am always wearing the same clothes. Maybe I was, but I remember how I was surprised of her notion.

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