1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

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1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

when my energy is good- i'm feeling alive, connecting with people, in the moment, in myself, very upbeat and positive and natural.

2. Do you notice women on the street? If so, what sort of women do you tend to notice or admire?

i admire women with styles that are a little androgynous, a little insouciant, sort of arty or design-y, visually strong, confident, a little laid back.

3. What are some things you admire about how other women present themselves?

i like confidence and an appreciation for good design.

i've been letting my hair grow out for the first time in year and changed how i was caring for it and i realized it looked awesome and i looked awesome with it a little longer. it suits me more.

i don't shop for clothes anymore. it's amazing. it's so freeing. it is something i do very rarely and have almost no patience for. i sew for myself instead.

i value a good fit first and foremost.
then it's the fabric- suitability to the design, to you, to your wardrobe.
and lastly design- will it last, will it be comfortable, will it be useful in my day to day life, will it fill a hole.

i listened to an episode of this american life featuring lindy west and i believe another writer who were talking about women and weight and bodies. and i think it was lindy's piece where she just was like, you know what? I'm allowed to take up space.

i'm trying to be more relaxed and more able to trust myself. it's actually working.

i stopped buying clothes.

making pj pants for my partner that fit perfectly.
re-gifting some jewelry to my friend that was just not to my taste at all but really suited them.

right now, it's the wide leg culotte. growing up, in my first sewing class, i had this book of basic projects, one of which were these hideous culottes. i never made them, but i looked at them in horror. in general i strongly dislike the crop pants trend- i'm tall and it just looks ridiculous on me. i also keep seeing patterns for cold-shoulder tops and think, who wears this, and them and shocked to actually see people wear them.

i think my mother has a hard relationship with her body and is always spinning the wheels to find styles she likes, which is hard in her size. i am trying to love myself and be kind to myself.

yes. i have actual items from past relationships. i copy ideas all the time from the online sewing community.

many times, often it goes back and forth between black fabrics and sort of a seriousness to vibrant colors and more playful. it's often based on how visible or invisible i want to be.

i don't like exposing my body; i am pretty modest. it's uncomfortable to me to be revealing because i do not want to be sexualized at all. i think it is a survival strategy. i want to downplay my body because it is very frightening to have people objectify me or see me as a sexual being.

tall, statuesque, curves of a goddess. extremely curvy, very female shape and proportions.


i'm working on it.

pjs, glasses, ponytail

i enjoy the design element of dressing and the tactile nature of making and wearing clothes. there's also social and political implications for how dressing happens- who benefits and who doesn't.

anyone who will listen to me talk about sewing

at this point, very little.

very much so, i am an artist.


for the most part, yes, if i can trust myself and ignore external factors.

post earrings and clean hair

confidence is comfort with yourself
comfort with yourself is confidence
for clothes to help with both, you need to feel good in them, and that means no pulling or pinching or finicky bits. the clothes work with pragmatic perfection. you can almost forget about them but maybe you are aware of how lovely they are to wear.

go slow, plan, trust yourself.

good design married with high quality materials in a thoughtful way.

the cheap, thoughtless, and badly made

that i can accomplish the tasks that day- ie going to work and not accidentally flashing people at work when i bend over.

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