1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

Debra Mandeville

1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

When I get up.

2. Do you notice women on the street? If so, what sort of women do you tend to notice or admire?

Those that care about how they look.

3. What are some things you admire about how other women present themselves?

Those that are strong and take a stand.

I was diagnosed with cancer last year. Since I am unable to work I decided to get up and look nice and wear nice outfits and jewelry.

Buy what you like and don't try to look like others.

I like western but every woman must choose what she likes and what looks nice.

My friends confronted me and helped me see that I need to be strong and look nice

Take one day and a time and enjoy life and do what I can every day.

Not at this time.

Yes but after losing 100 pounds I am glad that I can pass along what I had and enjoy seeing others enjoying the clothes.

The clothes that have holes in them

My mother always liked to look nice and I got that from her. I liked a lot of the things she wore and our tastes in fashion were the same.


Yes last year when I found out about the cancer and I was unable to work any more. I decided to just get the western clothes I like and not worry about work attire any longer.


I am a size 18 now and hope to loose more weight. I am 5'4" and glad I have lost a lot of weight. It feels good and I hope to loose more.

At this time I am trying do my best to have a good outlook and keep fighting.

Great at this time.

I have my hair done in a short style and have jewelry and a western top on with jeans.

It makes me feel good about myself.

My sisters and family.

They do not.

I live in a western town and I love the look and style and I enjoy wearing it.

About $50.00 for a dress.

None at this time.


Yes I have many times that what I was wearing helped me to feel more confident and assured.

Yes I know what I look and am changing my look to the way I feel. My mother taught me well.

Yes my mother and grandmother was always teaching me to take of my clothes and to appreciate what I had.

Just try to look nice.

To me my clothing can help me to be more confident and I also like to feel comfortable in my clothes because that also helps my state of mind.

I dress in what I like and make it look nice.

What you feel inside.

People who don't care about how they look.

I hope that it looks nice and not overdone.

Picking out something that I like and feeling great.

To look nice.

I can dress for everyday and then for special occasions I can put on a dress and hoping that I look good in it.

Western style.

Me - I am western
Not Me - Trying to lot like a teenager at my age.

My family all enjoys western and they all taught me well.

For work I dressed more upbeat and tried to always look nice.

All three

We had great dress codes for a office and we all tried to look nice.



Looking western.

No to all questions

The old west

I looked nice.



The teenager look.

The same thing I am wearing now. I love the cowgirl look.

No - just try and make myself feel good for the day.

Be yourself.

Yes and I like the way it makes me feel.


I like the natural look.

Western jewelry and attire.

Turquoise jewelry.

Something that my mother made for me before she passed. It is a western coat and I do not want to ruin it.

Clothes to make me look good at work and now clothes that are my style in life


The coat my mother made.

Pick what makes me feel good and also makes me look nice.




Yes I like to keep organized.

Yes my Grandmother gave me some jewelry that is special to me.


When I can afford and feel like it. I don't shop when I don't feel like it.

Yes - that is why I like cologne.

At this time it is for special occasions.

When I have some to spend I will purchase something that I like.


Some days my neuropathy and cancer get me down and I have to wear winter boots and gloves.


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