1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

Mozhgan Foroughi

1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

When I buy new clothes.

2. Do you notice women on the street? If so, what sort of women do you tend to notice or admire?

Yes, I do. I notice those woman who use make up and do high light on their hair.

3. What are some things you admire about how other women present themselves?

I admire woman who are dedicated and work hard.

Yes. When I moved in USA. I had the experience of shopping at the famous mall and then I start have the collection of a lot of fashionable clothes.

I believe shopping should be based on income.

I think the most important rule is to follow the simplest color and shape on the clothes.

I chat a little bit with sales man about the quality of the clothes.

I start thinking about my budget and follow the price rate which I can handle in paying my expenses.

Yes, I do. I used to buy items which are similar in design but different in color.

Yes I did. I gave a beautiful pendent and neckless to my husband's friend who work at his office.

Yes it happened to me. In one of the Christmas day I refuse to go to mall to see new fashion.

We almost have similar physiology.

No I never do that.

Yes when I was pregnant I gain weight.

Yes I used to live in Islamic country which the official dress was uniform.

It is thin and normal.

I am open minded.

I feel optimistic about life.

I wear frost and glow high light and I have bracelet.

It helps me to overcome my stress and depression.

I talk with my mom about it.

I used to be a student and I wear student uniform.

Yes I do. Both are important. It mean a lot to consider them in my life.

Yes I did. I bought plenty of souvenirs for my relatives.

No it never happened to me.

Yes I do.

Yes I bought the pretty princess dress for my engagement.

Yes I know. Yes I have experience of changing my clothes style to higher quality and more fashionable.

No. I pick style which was right for my age.

I buy my make up products and clothes from the retail store.

It mean a lot to me to have some kind of assurance about the way they live.

My philosophy about having the clothes are sturdiness.

I prefer to buy the casual clothes.

Those clothes which has the bad color.

I am very fashionable. They think I spent enough time for my shopping. Sometimes it happened to me.

It takes a few minute. I consider to wear sport clothes.

I try to catch people eye.

I believe dressing up is much higher then the normal dressing.

It is blue navy short and ironed.

I am very sensitive to what I look like and less think about how I should do that.

My cultural background is living in the middle east. I used to dress uniform.

Yes I did. I used to wear scarf and uniform.

I buy the good quality products from the retail store.

I wear dark blue and black pant at my work place.

I wear T-shirt and Jean.


Yes I was completely comfortable.

I like to have the high quality clothes.


It would be USA.

Yes I am.

When I get married.

Yes I think the culture pass from one generation to another.

Yes I wear skirt in one of my dream.

I think it was about long dress with fancy sewing on it.

I would wear fancy dress.

Yes I try to catch my company attention.

Yes I prefer the normal way of dressing.

I think mine is excellent. It is Elizabeth Arden.

I used to wear some kind of small jewelry on my clothes.

It fit at the best way.

I have more than 12 jewelry that most of them are earing.

It is my bracelet.

I have beautiful dresses that I bought them at the famous store.

My gold jewelry.


I will keep my new clothes.

I would buy more fancy clothes.

It was my gold. Yes I have.

Yes When I moved in other country.

I look for warm clothes.

It is full of clothes. Yes I do.

Yes I did few things to my family.

Yes. It was about the dress I choose to wear at party.

I go shopping when it is the right time.

Yes I do.

My ambition is to wear good clothes.

It fit greatly.

Yes I have few of them.

Yes they told me my shopping is good.

Yes. It was when I was teenager.

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