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10. Have you ever successfully given someone a present of jewelry or clothing that you continue to feel good about?

I found a pair of super cute, cheap shoes. My grandmother LOVED them. So I found her a pair and gave them to her for her birthday. She was so overjoyed. I didn't get a chance to give her many birthday gifts, so I'm glad the last one I gave her before she passed thrilled her. She wore them a lot.

I got my friend Amber hooked on legwear for the winter to pair with her skirts. We can be twins sometimes. crucifix necklace

I made a skirt and give to a friend of mine. Very proud of it.

Yes. I like to gift unique pieces of jewelry to friends/family that they wouldn't pick for themselves, but not so far out of their comfort zones that they wouldn't use them.

Yes. Jewelry. Not clothing

yes i gave them painted angels gifts, i gave them leather jackets , i gave them gold watches. I gave them thick magazines. if it is expensive i feel i gave them quality.

One or two items, yes.


I do not think so.

I had matching simple copper bracelets made for my best friend and I, with the Isak Dinesen quote, "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea" engraved inside after we went on vacation together to the Florida Keys.

No, I struggle with buying clothes for others. I will buy multiple gifts for my daughter so she may like one.

i made pendant necklaces for a couple coworkers. they were excited to receive them. i wonder if they ever wear them.

I don't remember.


I made a necklace for a friend of chunky vintage wooden beads and a loverly green/blue semi-precious stone, and handmade bress findings. My friend loves it and it goes with her style. By chance, I'ts a perfect blend of rustic/vintage/classy aesthetic. I made one for myself too, but it broke, and is sitting in a box to be fixed... for the last 3 years. I still love it though!

I love giving gifts but I'm not sure if any stand out to me right now.

Yes I have and it feels really good to see somebody wearing something that I prefer or love!

My niece welcomes anything I give her, from hand-me-downs to brand-new pieces. She is still developing her own style sense, and I think she welcomes the inspiration.

I once gave a necklace to a friend and she wears it to this day.

No, I don't gift jewelry/clothes

Yes a lot of times specially clothes,jewelry,bags and shoes

I gave my friend a pair of shoes and he enjoys them very much so it makes me feel good when I see him wearing them.

All the time

Yes I gifted them white sneakers.

I purchased my boyfriend a red Louis Vuitton belt which he adores and wears at least three times per week.

No. Clothing and jewellery are so personal, I wouldn't want to risk it. Someone once gave me a bright pink scarf that wasn't really me and I didn't want to be rude and tell her. I later found out from another friend that she chose it because she thought my clothes were so boring and dark and needed livening up and I was livid. Who was she to judge me? So now I'm nervous about buying clothes or jewellery for others.

Yes I did!!! When my mom died I gave away a necklace and several earrings to my wife. And I made serveral garments for my wife, skirts, blouses, Dresses.

I weave bags that are my go to gift and I love that everyone still treasures and uses theirs.

Yes, I recall having that feeling on an item like so but I do not feel good about it to this day.

Only items of jewellery which family members have specifically asked for.

I have bought clothes for house sitters who had no money. But no.

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