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17. Please describe your mind.

At this time I am trying do my best to have a good outlook and keep fighting.

Peaceful, dreaming.


A bizarre but wonderful place haha! One of my favourite things about myself - I definitely wouldn't be myself if it weren't for my mind.
It's busy all the time trying to collect up new information through questionning, watching and listening - constantly observing, which is what allows me to be a great creative individual - although it does mean that a lot of information slips out and I forget my keys a lot, or where I put my phone, or to turn the oven off when I leave (!!!!)

Sharp. Partitioned. I can think my way out of this.

very different to what people think ,but isn't eveybodies. my mind is fairly book smart and somewhat street smart, but always overthinking.

Open and curious.

??? No idea how to do that.

My mind is very active. I worry and overthink everything so my current aim is to calm everything down and take it as it comes.

Fast paced, loud, slightly neurotic.

Hungry, curious, always changing.
I take care to feed it every day and weed it regularly too.

Generally I try to be happy but sometimes in very complicated situations, I think my mind can explode and then be extremely hurtful and ugly - inside and out. I am aware of this and work on it regularly.

wants to be busy. if not depressed. if yes very happy

Unique and neon. Big and jokey. Clings to off-kilter vocabulary / repels basic math. Always buzzing with opinions and has an almost immediate relationship with my mouth.

My mind is quick, funny, and aimless usually. My mind digs into things with fury but also forgets where I am and where I set my keys. My mind is pragmatic, nihilist and chaotic.

Slowly changing between clear, concious, calm, then floating to precise and deep, from time to time too deep reflecions. which causes a tendency to hystery.

on anti depressants

My mind is pretty chaotic. It never stops. It's constantly thinking ahead, constantly thinking about the future and constantly planning for the days and weeks to come. I'm the kind of person who will think about what I'm going to wear the following week on the Thursday prior, or who will plan two weeks' worth of meals in one hit. I struggle to switch off and I have a tendency to obsess over things. It's hard to keep my mind calm.

I have a lot going on, but I am able to balance my crazy life thanks to scheduled meditation.


Easy distracted

A tornado of ideas often passes by,then everything come back to his usual calm self. And yes,good music is always welcome.

My mind is constantly creating anxiety but I'm working on it. We're doing better now. The more I tend to my body the less anxious my mind is. I don't really have self-image issues, just energy that needs to go somewhere. My mind is creative if I give it the space to be.

Disturbed but enchanting

I'm incredibly stubborn and pragmatic, yet also a constant daydreamer. I fully believed in magic (faeries, wizards, you name it) until I was pretty old -- probably still do, actually. My friends all agree that I can be both incredibly down-to-earth, and vibrating at a superhuman frequency somewhere up in the sky. I can appear calm, comforting, and mature -- or, frantic, high-strung, and scatterbrained. It's all in there. My general thought processes are pretty labyrinthine, but I can be incredibly focused and sharp.

I have an active interior life and am very independent while also being loving and loyal. I am a better friend than lover.

I have a curious mind, always looking for new inspirations, experiences, places, things to try.

I'm quite shy and calm at first, but little by little I tent to open up to people. I'm a very faithfull person.

I like listenning to people, and I also think I'm pretty good at it.

focused, wise, worried, systematical, ironical, easily bored, quick, dominant over everything else (that can be quite annoying), growing milder over the years. (sorry for my crooked English again.)

I live more in my mind than in my body. It's always been like that.

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