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17. Please describe your mind.

it's always making things (up), it's always racing but it's also always reinventing itself. it can be quite full on and overwhelming at times but it's got a very vast imagination.

Creative and logical but subject to a ton of stupid mistakes if left 'unworked/untrained'.

Imaginative, curious, impulsive, empathetic, prone to pessimism.

critical, visual, analytical, creative
(footwear designer 30 years)
teach footwear design at FIDM


Digressive, passionate, lazy, agreeable, flexible, sometimes stubborn.

A positive and openminded mind who does alot to please both my self and my Family in the daily life.

I don't know how to compartmentalize.

I have recently learned that I have dyspraxia which means I cant remember sequences or remember directions and find it difficult to organise myself according to time. I compensate by having very good visual pattern recognition.

Constantly going. I am always thinking of ideas, day dreams, dreams, plans, etccc. I am trying to learn how to get my mind to work with and for me rather than against me so much. My mind is very active and creative. Lots of connections going on and lots of dreaming.

My mind is a constantly evolving and progressive canvas for God to paint on.


I have clinical depression, but I’m beating it. I think a lot about the world, and I suppose that’s enough to send anyone into a downward spiral. However, I love noticing the beauty in everything ugly.

everyday different world I wake up

Hourglass, having a hole on both sides.

Over critical over analytical
Ugh whatever

Feeling myself
Calm and collected
BLAGH in your face

I am intelligent and imaginative. My mind is capable of problem-solving and extraordinary memory. I can always see the good in others, but that sometimes makes me vulnerable.

An anxious place that wants to be calm but can't quite manage it yet. Lots of sophomoric jokes and questions I should never ask out loud. Indecisive about literally everything. Please don't visit.

I love my mind. It's sparkling. It's silvery. It's unique. It's mine. So many ideas, so many thoughts, so many beautiful memories. The hardest thing that happened to my mind was the state I was in a couple of years ago. After every chemo I had a couple of days that I was more or less apathetic, because of the medicines. It was horrible. I could easily deal with all the physical side-effects, but found it hard not to be *myself*. After a couple of days, my mind used to return. It was wonderful to have them back: the ideas, the plans, the associations, the sparkles. In the past there have been moments of frustration because I find it hard to focus on one idea, one plan at the time, but the chemo experience made me realise that I love my mind. The abundance of thoughts and ideas is what defines me. So now, I celebrate it.

I have a curious mind. I almost always never say no to a learning experience. I have a thinking mind- I think why...I think how..I like to plan things out...

It's creative, it's hard working to a fault, it's always busy.

a lot of crazy ideas

I am open minded.

With an IQ of 160 at age 5 and holding five college degrees, I am ALWAYS needing to challenge my mind, as learning is my reason for being. Loved being a professor of biostatistics, but being a therapist got old as most female clients were just whining spoiled little kids. I left the career of Professional Nursing as I don't like working with women. I find them to be catty, back-stabbing, gossipy small-talking bimbos. I don't like shallow, stupid or ignorant people & actively avoid them.

At this time I am trying do my best to have a good outlook and keep fighting.

Peaceful, dreaming.


A bizarre but wonderful place haha! One of my favourite things about myself - I definitely wouldn't be myself if it weren't for my mind.
It's busy all the time trying to collect up new information through questionning, watching and listening - constantly observing, which is what allows me to be a great creative individual - although it does mean that a lot of information slips out and I forget my keys a lot, or where I put my phone, or to turn the oven off when I leave (!!!!)

Sharp. Partitioned. I can think my way out of this.

very different to what people think ,but isn't eveybodies. my mind is fairly book smart and somewhat street smart, but always overthinking.

Open and curious.

??? No idea how to do that.

My mind is very active. I worry and overthink everything so my current aim is to calm everything down and take it as it comes.

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