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17. Please describe your mind.

Ambitious, passionate, and inspiring

Confident, intelligent, quick-witted, excellent memory

I am anxious but adventurous, I love figuring things out and being outdoors.
I am smart.
Sometimes I find it hard to relate to people
I love imagining things and playing with ideas, I’d like to be more creative.
I have a lot of love and empathy.
I like to know where I stand
I wish I was more confident and outgoing.

Prone to rumination, occasionally self-defeating, but I tend to understand most things.

I’m grateful for my mind. It has given me my greatest advantages in life.

The whole body is mind.

My mind is a shapeshifter. Sometimes conceiving architectures of thought; sometimes deep inside the perceiving, blooded thought; sometimes my nerves are frayed on the edge of understanding; then I find clear attention with intention; sometimes just chatter - my own voice or the voices of mediums trying to capture my attention.

My mind does not always think through language. It swoons, hears music, dreams.

Intellectual. Creative. Conceptual. Very easily distracted.

My mind is beautiful and sharp and focused on Jesus, beauty, and just being a decent human being. I get down on myself sometimes but I have friends and family to boost me up.

I speak my mind..will never be phony

So loud.
I'm always over-thinking everything, but I can remember all the lyrics to most songs I haven't heard in over 20 years... so not all bad?

Anxious. Neurotic. Always worrying. Always thinking about what others think of me. Afraid to offend

:) Kind if childish, unconstrained, need for freedom and originality. I need lots of reassurance, if around people, but I feel good spending a lot of time alone. Like to be in nature, alwalys in search of some art or spiritual realm, searching and developing my true self.


free, open


Intelligent and hyper?

over thinker

convoluted and repetitive. Easily distracted

i'm anxious and depressed as most american 22 year olds. i have good verbal skills but awful spacial awareness.

A mix of contradictions, that somehow seems to work.

It's an ok place to be most of the time. I'd like to think I'm somewhat creative.

In a million places all of the time, primarily tuned into the thoughts and feelings and traumas of others.

My mind is in a good mindset.

I think I have ADD, but I use it to my advantage. I have a quick wit and am able to multi-task effectively. I am curious. I love researching things. If I have a question I like to seek out the answer ASAP, if possible. It eats at me if I don't know something that could be easily answered with a quick search.

Oddly organised, always wandering

My mind is full of good ideas and creative

Conflicting, troubled, growing.

All over the place, creative

Confused, happy, stressed, daydreaming, loving.

Rebellious, curious.

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