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49. What is an archetypal outfit for you; one that you could have happily worn at any point in your life? What do you like about it?


A ball gown dress seems cool but I don't know where to wear it.

Jeans tshirt

A fitted monochromatic dress is the closest to that ideal.

converse, skinny jeans, band t-shirt. i always liked to pretend i was a cool indie kid.

A black faux leather jacket with a red satin interior, a white lightweight sweater with a subltle cut out floral design, a red plaid skirt with short black fringe at the hem, black tights, and red loafers. I like that everything was thrifted aside from the jacket and I chose this as archetypal because it could almost fit during my short time spent in a school uniform. I like this outfit because it's outside of the way I normally dress and I wear it when I'm in a certain mood.

A suit --- altered a bit -- that my mom handed down to me and never goes out of style.

T-shirt and jeans.

Striped shirt, high waisted trousers.
Simple, slightly androgynous

My church code dress because it always comfortable

Camo skinny jeans, a black cut-up metal band tee, a moto jacket and sky-high heeled booties. I've been wearing iterations of this outfit for many years because it makes me feel confident, powerful, and beautiful.

Black trousers, slightly heeled ankle boots and an oversized knitted jumper. It's comfortable, and I dressed that way during a happy period in my childhood so it brings me back to those days.

Shirt and blue Jeans. They are very versatile, that's what I like About it.

tee and pants. Simple


Skirt or dress, nothing can go wrong or harm me if i wear that lol.

A short yellow dress underneath a big denim jacket, a pair of platform sneakers and some embroidered sheer socks. I like the mix of classy and casual, new and vintage. I like that it makes me feel like a young art student.

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