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50. Do you ever wish you were a man or could dress like a man or had a man’s body? Was there ever a time in the past?

Yes. Mainly because it seems easier for them.

Being a man sounds truly tragic. But I dress like a man when I want. I love men's clothes.

Hell no!!!

Never..see your 1st 2 questions

No, I wear men's clothing whenever I want, but have never desired to be a man.

yes if it was handsome.

Quite a lot. I like the freedom men have, they aren't judged for every single choice, they are more accepted for what they are/do. They can go unshaved, even dirty, have worn clothes... still a man's thing to do. I would like to be a thin, not so athletic man, moderatlely displaying muscles.


i love love love traditional menswear and wish i could have a whole closet of traditional custom tailored suits. i wish tailoring was more accessible to women. i love a good suit.

No. But if I were a man I'd happily try on outfits to see what works for me.

I love Ellen’s style
She dresses great but like a man

No. Mine's prettier.

all the time.

No, however I do think that men's clothes are often better made, and more classic than popular women's fashion, so I wish there was more equivalent available for us.

I've thought about how things might be simpler as a man but I can't remember wanting to dress this way or change my body in that sense.

No. But I understand that some do.

I love men's clothes so yes

No way I will wish that I'm proud because I'am a woman

Not once, not even as a female raised by fundamentalist Christians who wanted the same privileges my brothers had.
I've never been fully comfortable in my skin, but I've always been comfortable in my gender.

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