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50. Do you ever wish you were a man or could dress like a man or had a man’s body? Was there ever a time in the past?

not quite. I feel like as a woman you're more open from society to wear men's clothes than a man wearing say a dress which I hope will some day change and be open for all. and I don't wear bras anyway.

Yes. When I don't wear make-up, since I have quite a slim body and small chest, and quite a masculine face, I can look androgynous. But I'm always a bit too scared to really embrace it which I think is a shame, so I'll make a point of emphasising a female feature or dressing quite feminine.

no but I like shirts, tees, straight pants
I love Men’s department in Target, Old Navy,
ralph lauren.
Womens dept has mainly looks for a female I never see in person


No thank god im a woman lol.

I dress like a man sometimes. Often. I spent most of middle and high school wishing my body was more masculine, because I developed breasts very early and very rapidly. My confusing gender and sexuality certainly didn't help my perception of my own body, and I don't think that perception has changed much since then. Having a better understanding of what I want and who I am hasn't helped a whole lot, I simply ignore my feminine discomfort.

I wish I had boobs like a man’s chest. Much more flat and manageable.

All you need to have a man's body is to identify as a man. I identify as a woman and always have, so no, I haven't.

I wear men's stuff all the time. With my height & body style, there are plenty of ways to make men's attire feminine!

No to all questions

I've never wished to be a man, but I've worn menswear ever since I was a little vintage shopper. I have a very nice tuxedo cutaway jacket and a couple cummerbunds. I am most partial to wingtips.

I've never wanted to dress like a man, since their wardrobes are boring as shit.
However, there are many times I've wanted a man's body. Why? Easy: periods.

Yes there was. I few kilos back men's trousers were better for me than womens. There are often too short sleeves in womens clothes, still.

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