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52. Do you consider yourself photogenic?

I'm far from photogenic and feel uncomfortable taking photos. I try to avoid it. I have a round face and soft, delicate features and I think more defined/angular faces and features photograph much better. I have high cheekbones and my face looks better in motion or at certain angles in photos. When it's photographed straight on I look more moon faced and my features flatten and shrink weirdly. My discomfort with taking photos is probably the main thing that makes me unphotogenic though.


Not at all

Yes of course



No I don't think I am a photogenic Person.

not quite, I always pull faces

No. Absolutely not. I don't think I look awful in real life, but in some photos....

Bill Cunningham used to shoot me alot on fifth and 57th when I was young
at 78 not so much


In some ways i do.

Absolutely not.

No. It takes the right angle for me to even look normal.

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