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52. Do you consider yourself photogenic?

No. It takes the right angle for me to even look normal.

Yes I am.

I WILL NOT willingly have my photograph taken. I am not photogenic at all. I look worse in photographs than I do in the mirror.

No, but I blog, so I've learned to cope


No, my complexion is way too pink and my forehead shines under light.

yes, as long as I smile

no goodness no

No. When I try to pose I look silly. I like taking selfies with all editorializing in my hands, but I think I look better in person. A photo never seems to capture how on point my eyeliner usually is. Or my effervescence and charm.

Absolutely not. I hate having photos taken of me. I don't think that I ever look good in photos - they seem to capture and accentuate everything that I dislike about my body! I often look really grumpy or cold in photos. The funny thing is that the grumpiness and coldness probably reflects the fact that I am hating having my photo taken. Though typically photos are only taken of me when I'm socialising with friends or at an occasion I actually really enjoy - so the grumpiness and coldness is not an accurate reflection of how I'm feeling.

Extremely. I love doing portraits for my friends who are in art school

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