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53. When you see yourself in photographs, what do you think?

Oh dear :-(

Generally that I was prettier and slimmer than I felt at the time. We are all so self critical.

sometimes nice. sometimes not.

"When you cheese like that, I see why people call you cute." Or, "you're sooooo trying too hard."

That it is a shame that the photo shows me resenting the fact of having my photo taken, as opposed to me having the good time that I am most likely having prior to and after the photograph being taken!


I hate it.

Open your eyes!

That I'm beautiful

She needs to relax more! But mostly she looks OK, maybe a little skinny.

I think I look sad or angry, when I rarely am.

It depends. Sometimes it's nice thoughts and sometimes it isn't.

I look fat, I stand out

Who is this woman?

"Not bad."

Outch, i look like that. Or "I feel so huge in real and then i'm just so tiny".

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