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53. When you see yourself in photographs, what do you think?


If i like the pic or not.

I want to destroy them

I feel proud of myself

I'm not always happy about how my skin or body look, but I never regret my style.

I hate it

Sometimes I think I am good Looking, but often I think I am ugly.

there's only a few where I recognise myself

Generally if I've taken it and found the right angle, I think 'okay." If someone else has taken it and found any other angle, I think 'please delete that right away."

what the hell happened?!
when I was 20/30 ish, even 50ish totally ok


Atleast im not more ugly than the others lol.

I always look mildly uncomfortable. Or if I don't, I think I look too fat.

I think my body must have been possessed by some parasitic alien because I don’t really stand like that, do I?

"There I am! I was right there."

When I get married.

There are only a few photographs of me in existence. I don't like them. They don't represent how I see myself.

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