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63. Is there a certain look you feel you’re expected to like that you have absolutely no interest in? What is it? Why aren’t you interested?

Dressing sexy.

I'm a young grandmother. Don't ever expect me to dress like one.

I guess... what's hip or whatever... but... I just have to do me. Some new fashions just feel weird to me, feel weird on my body, like I'm trying to be someone that I'm not.

cropped pants. they require thought and good ankles. they are impractical in winter. i also do not understand ankle boots because they stop too soon to work with trousers and they look like hell with a skirt.

Dressing up. Too much work and people end up behaving badly anyway.

Anything I am expected as a 50-year old woman to wear because it is my appropriate thing.

Most things on the runway. I don't look like the models, I probably can't afford it (or can think of better ways to spend the money), and really can't be bothered to think about buying my winter wardrobe six months in advance.

Overly hipster outfits that seem fake, like someone is trying too hard. I'm not interested in them because it's like the clothes are wearing them rather than them wearing the clothes if that makes sense. Like they may not like the clothes themselves, but they're following a trend just to fit in for whatever reason.

The flat birkenstocky shoes. ew. ug-ly. and gym wear as street wear. not happening over here.

Dress suits when formal meetings.
I HATE them. they represent slavery and prostitution for me, because it means I bow down and sell myself to the rules of being more manly to reach things in life.

Brand culture. Right now Michael Kors is very big in my city, and I do not understand.

Leggings--I'm tall and thin so people think I'd want to wear them, but I hate them.

Another interesting question; I suppose since I do enjoy a lot of feminine clothing (dresses, skirts, cute shoes, etc.) that I am expected to wear high heels a lot. I have very few pairs of shoes that are not flat heeled. It's been remarked upon by friends before, since I'm short - "I'd wear nothing but heels if I was your height!"

I feel like I'm expected to look pretty (to others), wear nice clothing, shave my body, tame my hair and use make up. Live as the patriarchy wants you to live. I have no interest in any of that. Why would I? I am healthy, and alive.

Whatever is being pushed in fashion magazines designed to sell you something.

i could care less about shoes
also, women's eyes are supposed to fog over with desire when they think about or look at jewelry.
this is offensive to me. gems are boring

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