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63. Is there a certain look you feel you’re expected to like that you have absolutely no interest in? What is it? Why aren’t you interested?

Maybe the whole jeans phenomenon, especially the ones with the horrible white embroidery on the backside or any sort of "street-friendly" embellishment, or the idea of looking tough. or the angel wings on the back of the jacket or the front of a t-shirt, shirts that "declare" something loudly, with a lot of words on it, I can't really pull any of that stuff off. I think I am best in the french stripes or the sort of lazy pieces that would make you want to land on a couch and read a book.

I have never felt obligated to like anything, even as a teenager when I felt I was most impressionable.

I don't know who would expect anything like that of me and if they do they can forget about it.

I suppose the only example I can think about is my mom. When I got my first tattoo (a star beneath my belly button) she took one look and asked me why I couldn't have gotten something a little softer and more delicate. But that's just not me, so what is a girl to do?

Skirts. I have no interest in them. My boyfriend likes them, but what can I do? Wear them even though I don't want to? No way in hell.

Nope, and good thing. I have enough expectations I place on myself without involving fashion.

I strongly dislike 'interesting jewelry' which artistic women of a certain age are perhaps expected to like.
Those clunky overdesigned things.

A lot of girls really like to flash their stomachs and/or cleavage. I'm just not interested.

What other women my age are wearing.

Girly. I'm just not anymore. Girly, that is. No interest.

I suppose it's an elegant, professional look: polished hair, a blazer and slacks, a pair of nice heels. I've always associated this look with ambitious, successful women who have their act together in ways that I don't and don’t expect to. I have a "business casual" outfit that I've worn to interviews, but I can never maintain the persona (in style or substance), not even when I'm offered the position in question. I don't think I identify with this variety of success, and feel phony when I try to play the part. (I also recognize the shortcomings of this association/assumption. Clearly, women can be professional, ambitious, and successful no matter how they look or dress. And on the flip-side, not every woman in a suit identifies with what I’m describing.)

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