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64. Can you describe in a basic way what you own, clothing and jewelry-wise?

Minimalist gold bracelets and anklets. Solid gold hoop earrings. Lots of gold, heavy on the gold. Otherwise, beaded and tribal jewelry.

A lot

-Lots of wool socks from farm to feet and basic athletic socks
-A handful of panache and fantasie bras; I'm a difficult size so I keep a pretty minimal bra wardrobe
-Undies from TomboyX, Thunderpants, and cheapies from target for my periods
-Two sets of workout leggings, bike shorts, and athletic tops
-A zip up hoodie and two homemade pullover sweatershirts
-Lots of cotton tanks for sleeping
-Two pairs of Levi Rib Cage Straight Ankle Jeans
-Two pairs of Universal Standard Reine Jeans (they are a little too big in the waist, need to size down)
-Two pairs of Old Navy linen blend pants (I don't like them very much, the quality isn't good)
-One pair of tencel old navy shorts
-A drawer full of secondhand cashmere and wool sweaters and cardigans, many from Eileen Fisher Renew
-Several knit pencil skirts, most wool knits from EFR
-Four pair of sweatpants / joggers
-3 Tees from Ori Everyday
-A handful of basic Univeral Standard Tees
-Two US dresses
-Several handmade and thrifted fun jackets
-Two pairs of birkenstock arizonas
-Two pairs of New Balance Walking Shoes
-Two pairs of men's oxfords
-Two pairs of high heel wedges
-One black leather sneaker
-One pair of wood clogs
-One red rain coat
-One half length black puffer jacket
-One Baggu backpack (LOVE IT!)
-One red crossover leather satchel
-Assorted other scarves and bags
-One pair of Smith Sunglasses
-Assorted jewelry, most gifted from my mom. I rarely wear jewelry, but the stuff I like the most is pieces that are handmade and minimalist.

The list is not everything, but it's pretty comprehensive.

I probably own too much stuff. Lots of jewelry, shoes, clothes, and make-up. It varies between vintage, thrifted, luxury, and everything in-between.

black and white and blue colors. no red and no pink.

I don't wear jewelry. You are getting really curious and I'm getting kind of bored of this survey... it is too much to describe my closet: all kinds of stuff.

I own to much of every kind of clothing becouse I rarely select them, I have more then twenty years old pieces in my garderobe and sometimes even wear them. I never wore to much jewelry, do I have a lot.


Lots of dangley earrings --although they all fit in one box. Half a closet full of clothes -- 2 leggings, 2 jeans, 2 jersey dresses, some tshirts and a few wool long sleeves.

jeans, tshirts, sweaters, some linen pants, a skirt and a dress, some winter coats. silver rings, small gold and silver hoop earrings. gold studs.

Seconhand clothing bought from thrift stores or my favorite consignment app, therealreal. Many bomber jackets, sweaters, dresses, and skirts. A few blouses, shorts, pants, and rompers. Jewelry that has mainly been gifted at various times in my life. Mostly earrings, a few bracelets and necklaces, and barely any rings.

Simple & casuals, printed clothes, minimal aesthetics and a few extravagant junkies.

Primarily, things that I have loved and inherited over the years with a few blouses and dresses and workout clothing sprinkled in here and there.

I own quite a lot of clothes.

Classic, minimal

I own pants,jeans,skirts,dress,blazer,short etc
Necklace and bracelet

Skinny pants.. Simple tops. Statement jackets. Chunky jewelry. Dresses.

A very limited wardrobe as I'm a minimalist. Straight or wide legged dark coloured trousers. Navy button downs and draped blouses. A couple of knitted jumpers and a plaid shirt. A pair of shoes and a pair of boots. A couple of quite nice coats and three excellent handbags (I think a really good handbag can pull a look together).

My closet is not very big. I have few Basics: Currently two pairs of Jeans (one black, one blue) several Cargo Shorts, Maybe 8 or 10 Shirts, several T-Shirts, 5 or 6 Sweaters. Two better trousers, two corduroys, to Kilts (made by me), a silk skirt and yes: a suit bought in the US two years ago that I have never worn since then.

selfmade things, things that are from small businesses and things I bought second hand. cotton, silk, fluffy things, cosy things, little print but lots of different colours that all fit in the same earthy but colourful palette. my jewellery is all hawkhouse (raw gemstones) and joanne burke (yellow bronze figures) and they're both handmade by those two women.

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