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64. Can you describe in a basic way what you own, clothing and jewelry-wise?

unusual longer skirts
many long sleeve shirts and tees
sweaters and sweatshirts.
straight pants
jewelry lots of pearls
ethnic pieces
my gold horse pendant on gold chain with 2 sets gold small hoops every day
signet ring, fathers gold and diamond ring,
another gold ring
tons of masai beaded bracelets sometimes
tons of scarves


Lots of dresses, skirts, tops, heels and even lots of training-gear

Earthy and vintage with pops of bright color and undertones of neutrals. My jewelry is either barely there or quite eye-catching.

I have more than 12 jewelry that most of them are earing.

Again: asked and answered

Western jewelry and attire.

Jeans. Shirts. Too many tshirts. Dresses for summer. Almost all self-made, or made for me.

No more jewelry beyond pins. My wedding ring gives me a chemical burn; you can see where I used to wear my watch. This is sadder than the perfume issue.

minimal jewellery, minimalist clothing

Natural fibre basic clothes in subtle colours. Clothes (and shoes) for every weather between rain, shine and far below zero. No jewelry.

lots of leggings, a few jumpers, a few jumper dresses, a couple of skirts, not much jewellry, a few pairs of ankle boots, no high heels, pretty plain really

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