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64. Can you describe in a basic way what you own, clothing and jewelry-wise?

Western jewelry and attire.

Jeans. Shirts. Too many tshirts. Dresses for summer. Almost all self-made, or made for me.

No more jewelry beyond pins. My wedding ring gives me a chemical burn; you can see where I used to wear my watch. This is sadder than the perfume issue.

minimal jewellery, minimalist clothing

Natural fibre basic clothes in subtle colours. Clothes (and shoes) for every weather between rain, shine and far below zero. No jewelry.

lots of leggings, a few jumpers, a few jumper dresses, a couple of skirts, not much jewellry, a few pairs of ankle boots, no high heels, pretty plain really

a lot of underwear. I kind of collect underwear. about 8 pair of jeans of which i only wear two. about 20 t-shirt of which i only wear 8. A few dresses. mainly for summer. 2 or 3 i can also wear in winter. the summer dresses and skirts are mainly very long ones because under them you can move how you want..
jewlery not too much. i wear always the same earrings. 1 ring. 1 necklace for special occasions

A few reliable earrings, polka dot everything, fun collection of tee shirts, winter sweaters, vintage style blouses or if not I'll add a banana and lipstick, everything with a nipped waist. Nods to my favorite pillars of pop culture.

I have a lot of dresses. A lot of them don't fit particularly well anymore. I have very few pairs of pants - I always have - but the black pair of pants that I do have gets thrashed so much that they're nearly thread-bare. I have silver jewellery that I wear everyday as well as a few necklaces that have come to define me - especially the one that is made from wood that was salvaged from earthquake damaged houses. I have a lot of really cool coats - I love coats. I have a couple of really good pairs of shoes and a lot of shit, trashed looking cheap and nasty pairs - I tend to buy cheap shoes because I am so hard on them that buying expensive shoes isn't really an option. When I earn more money I will definitely spend more on better quality shoes.


A lot of things...well kept and really appreciated.

Mostly dresses and tshirts and leggings and sweats. 1 pair of Capri jeans but no other jeans. Jeans constrict me. I always wear my addiction kills bracelet to remember my friend josh and my hatchetman to represent who I am as well as my hoops

neutral knits and sweaters and pants for work and weekend
some workout gear for running
earrings, mostly dangly
5 cocktail dresses
sneakers, work shoes and a few high heels
3 awesome hats, one for each season

I have going out clothing, work clothing, and workout clothing. I own many pairs of earrings, but very few necklaces or bracelets.

Enough for me to have structure and variety.

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