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72. Was there ever an important or paradigm-shifting purchase in your life?

In a way, all of them are. I change so constantly that each item pushes me in one direction or another.

Yes When I moved in other country.

My first pair of "elephant Bell-bottom jeans" that I turned into a skirt.

The wedding rings. Damn. That was unexpected.

That and my first pair of knit stretch pull on pants. I don't think anything was as demoralizing as those.

Setting up my own company made me realize I need to update my look to look less happy-creative and more in control business person.

yes, several

from classical pianist to theatre person

keds. Love um, a perfect shoe for the look I'm trying to achieve.

The first time I bought a $375.00 pair of shoes was pretty significant. I actually realised that it's true the more money you spend on shoes the better quality they are, especially if you're heavy footed and rough with footwear!

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