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72. Was there ever an important or paradigm-shifting purchase in your life?

A classic cropped little leather jacket for dressing up/going out. It made me realise i could dress up, look a bit fancy, but still be me.

Maybe a series of purchases but no.

That coat

Not really

I bought a bright yellow cardigan when I was 19. I got so many compliments in this cardigan.
It taught me that you don't have to wear all-black, all the time to look alternative or edgy. "Alternative" is a vibe, and bold choices can look a lot more fresh than the same old black stuff.

sonia rykiel


Yes when i bought my heels mentioned in question 71, it made me feel grown up and free.

In a way, all of them are. I change so constantly that each item pushes me in one direction or another.

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