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72. Was there ever an important or paradigm-shifting purchase in your life?

The wedding rings. Damn. That was unexpected.

That and my first pair of knit stretch pull on pants. I don't think anything was as demoralizing as those.

Setting up my own company made me realize I need to update my look to look less happy-creative and more in control business person.

yes, several

from classical pianist to theatre person

keds. Love um, a perfect shoe for the look I'm trying to achieve.

The first time I bought a $375.00 pair of shoes was pretty significant. I actually realised that it's true the more money you spend on shoes the better quality they are, especially if you're heavy footed and rough with footwear!

Celine Trio bag. It was pricey and I expected to regret the purchase but I love it every time I use it. It turns out I like to carry expensive bags and don't find it trivial at all.

Everything has a great value for me.

The first time I went and coloured my hair professionally pink.

Recently I bought a draped, ruched Tadashi Shoji gown in navy mesh for like, $16 from Goodwill. I had been having a period of deep body discomfort and I hadn't put on something like that in ages. In the dressing room, I was shocked by how beautiful I looked in it. It hugged my body and made my height look regal. I felt so beautiful in it, I bought it even though I had no occasion for it. It made me start feeling good about my body again, because I thought, it's not me, it's the clothes. So many of the clothes in size 16 are just sack-like, and don't do much to create a beautiful figure. When I was 50 pounds lighter, a lot of clothes made me feel beautiful like this. It's just rarer to find in this size, which is stupid and frustrating and enraging.

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