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80. How does money fit into all this?

When I have some to spend I will purchase something that I like.

It is less of an issue now that I'm over 55. I'm not saving for a house or a vacation, and I have no debts except a mortgage payment and day to day expenses.

I do drop money on really nice fabric.

i try to save as much as possible for bigger 'investments', but most of my money is spent on regular, everyday clothing instead

I try to save money. I can't understand how much clothes people give away or sell second-hand. It suits me well, because I can save, but I feel bad about environment. And workers rights in Bandgladesh.

need it, love it, have it and want to spend it well.

it comes and goes - i buy what i can, when i can

i would buy more underwear if i had more money

I've been pretty good. I don't spend more than 20 on a shirt and have invested in good jeans, shoes, and like 3 coats. It's been a good formula.

I spend a lot of money on food and drink. I seldom have much money leftover for clothing and shoes. But I still buy clothes and shoes. I tend to buy clothes I want and like, as opposed to the things that I actually need. I put off buying things I need like a new bra and new black socks in favour of something that I like the look of.

It controls some of my purchases

Money will always be the answer and the problem at the same time.

I usually get my clothes from thrift stores, so I spend cheap because I know how to piece things together and make them work whether they are cheap and ugly or not

I shop used in order to fuel my passion for clothes.

I'm still young and I don't ever have much money. Much of my wardrobe has been gifts.

I am poor and don't buy many clothes and most of them are second hand. I sew for myself. I wear things to death. I have a small number of items. I only spend a lot on bras and shoes, because I have finicky feet and breasts and difficult to find sizes in both those items.

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