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80. How does money fit into all this?

I paid quite a lot for a few pieces and as I grow out of them I invest the money I get from selling them into new pieces. I occasionally spend 'too much' but most things I own I've had for a long time so it's quality over quantity.

I spend more than I can justify on clothes and make-up. I'm starting to make a real effort to work to a budget, especially since I'm going back to university in September and won't be working full-time anymore.

alot. in the 60’s through the 80’s, designer clothing was priced to sell to middle class.
Now ridiculously expensive.
How can a handbag cost $5-10,000?!
shoes $800
a shirt $600?
Or, so cheap you know slave labor made it!


Money is for sure an issue but i see it as an Investment for the future and for happiness.

I have a budget and have to spend accordingly.

It fit greatly.

I live on a limited budget so I know very well the difference between want and need.

When I have some to spend I will purchase something that I like.

It is less of an issue now that I'm over 55. I'm not saving for a house or a vacation, and I have no debts except a mortgage payment and day to day expenses.

I do drop money on really nice fabric.

i try to save as much as possible for bigger 'investments', but most of my money is spent on regular, everyday clothing instead

I try to save money. I can't understand how much clothes people give away or sell second-hand. It suits me well, because I can save, but I feel bad about environment. And workers rights in Bandgladesh.

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