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81. Is there an article of clothing, a piece of make-up, or an accessory that you carry with you or wear every day?

Smith's Rosebud Salve is almost always in my bag.

I wear three plain metal rings every day and never go without them.

Lipstick. I put it on, chew it off, eat pounds of it every year. It's not good, wish I could stop.

My silver rings and red or pink lipstick

All my make up (see above). And obviously I wear the same shoes every day for 6 months (at the moment they're dark red Superga hi tops that were half price on their website).

Now: I now have 4 pairs of Superga trainers.

Lypsol. Because I have chapped lips, or because I'm addicted to it according to my husband. I panic if I don't have it with me. I even bring it biking. I also have to have sunglasses with me. I have sensitive eyes.

Tinted lip balm.

A broken watch set to my nephew's birthday.

a huge lion head ring with blue eyes, its my lucky item;-)

I always carry a Smythson page per day diary in my bag.

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