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14. Was there a point in your life when your style changed dramatically? What happened?

A few times, it relates a lot to my frame of mind.

I don’t really think so. I guess as soon as I decided to start caring, I threw out a ton of clothes, bought a new wardrobe, and that was it. After that, my style just evolved, I suppose.

im over 30 years old now.

I realized I hated the way most people dressed. They wanted to be like each other. I did not.

I started dating women.

When I hit high school, I was pretty much known as the girl who could pull off anything. That's when I started to explore gothic looks, as well as trendy, girly looks, but I would also sometimes wear leggings and t-shirts.

I hated shopping for clothes until I was twelve, and basically just wore graphic tees and whatever pants were comfiest or most practical. Then I discovered a store with fashion sense I can only describe as "grandma on vacation." I fell in love and dressed that way all through middle school.

no. I've always been reserved in the way I dress because I always feared for negative criticism.

In high school when I started talking to my stylist friend/mentor in LA and last summer when I got into punk music.

yes, i went from not caring to caring a lot

Yes when I was pregnant I gain weight.

Going to Woodstock in 1969 forever changed my style. I will forever be a Hippie & I don't care who wears what as I'm not into changing my style of free expression just because some magazine model or ad shows a new trend.

Yes last year when I found out about the cancer and I was unable to work any more. I decided to just get the western clothes I like and not worry about work attire any longer.

I used to be really into black emo/punk clothing, but then all of a sudden my style changed and I hated all my black clothes and began loving floral, colourful clothing

many times, often it goes back and forth between black fabrics and sort of a seriousness to vibrant colors and more playful. it's often based on how visible or invisible i want to be.

Between year 11 and the start of Sixth Form at school! I guess it's got a lot to do with being able to wear your own clothes into school everyday instead of wearing a uniform, but when I started sixth form I through the rule book out completely and grew more confidence in my style and myself. I began trying to be as creative in my appearance as I was in my studies and it allowed for some disasters but also for some great looks!

I had a shoulder injury about two years ago. I had to stop lifting weights, I couldn't pull things on over my head, my arms got bigger, and I was just through with menopause. That confluence of events cleared out my closet pretty dramatically, even more than having babies and leaving my office job did.

I decided I wasn't going to save anything I couldn't put on right now (no saving stuff I might be able to wear - that's just humiliating) or wear if I suddenly broke into a streaming sweat. I discovered home made dress shields. I had to get rid of my 'someday' wardrobe of cute little vintage dresses and shoes. And the handbags to go with them, because they hurt to look at.
About the same time, I stumbled into the internet land of I Will Wear What I Like. Not as designer driven as the NYC crones. Much clashing color.

I have never looked back

when i was younger i wore a skater skirt everyday that i wasn't at school. i refused to wear anything else because i didn't like change and was scared of people not liking my style, so i thought if i wore the same thing everyday then that wouldn't happen. my style changed dramatically when i didn't wear these skirts ever again. it was all because i went on holiday with new people who had a quirky style and i knew they wouldn't care.

No, there isn't. Conservatism, see?

Not dramatically... A few years ago I decided to abandon everything (from my wardrobe) that wasn't easy to combine with everything else.

The spring of my last year of University I had to do a complete wardrobe overhaul as I had lost of 20kgs during the winter. I was wearing tighter fitting items compared to my previous loose and a 'few sizes too big' garments.

I went through quite a 'goth' or more 'Victorian Style' period and I loved it. Lots of chokers and black and black hair and gemstones and I felt like a badass witch.

when I moved to London, aged 21 - working in a French agency. That was probably my biggest switch as the ladies around me - on the tube, at work, in coffee shops - all looked so perfectly put together that I made more of an effort.

In London, I took more time with my clothes, hair and make up. When I moved to Hong Kong, at 28 - my wardrobe changed to suit the climate but being surrounded by glamour and style and money perhaps - means a little of that rubs off

early twenties - I sort of grew up too early

from time to time you invent yourself again

College my sophomore year was a starting point; I was unafraid to go more vintage senior year and beyond. I like to have a defined style. I also love drag queens and wrote my senior thesis about televised drag culture. It was 60 pages about RuPaul's Drag Race, my favorite TV show. I LOVE how queens rock a devoted look and perform to the high heavens out of it. The show gave me one of my favorite lines when it comes to really going for it in fashion and style: "If you're going to be a coke whore, come out with a plate of coke."

For a while in high school, I wanted (because of the person I was dating) to dress more masculinely on most days. I got misgendered regularly during this time period because I was so thin and flat-chested.

Its getting less and less ironic or exagerating. Its fitting more and more together but stays extravagant. Before it rather looked like a Mixed up Color Style Flash.

i was pregnant

When I turned thirteen and realised that K-Mart graphic tees with inspirational quotes don't go with snapback hats and chokers.

My style changed a lot in my first year of University. I was living in a hall of residence with about 170 other people, half of whom were girls. All of a sudden I became obsessed with wearing what every other girl in the hall was wearing. I wore a lot of stuff that previously I'd never have worn, and in hindsight a lot of what I wore is what I'd now describe as a bit slutty. I also became obsessed with buying clothes - I did it constantly, though nothing was expensive and nothing was good quality. I spent so much money on clothes that I was actually meant to be putting towards paying for my hall of residence fees. It drove my parents crazy. I actually remember going home halfway through the year and Mum giving me a stern talking to about how I needed to stop spending money on clothes just to fit in when I couldn't afford to do so. Mum also told me that she found it really disappointing that I'd lost the unique style that I'd developed over the few years prior to going to University. She was sad that I was dressing like everyone else was and told me that a lot of the clothes I had bought were tacky and bogan. Those conversations have stuck with me and had a huge influence on me. I realised how much I wanted to be someone who was known for having a unique and distinct style, as opposed to being someone who followed the crowd.

Minimalism about 6 months ago. I am working on trying to get down to only owning 30 items of clothing.

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