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14. Was there a point in your life when your style changed dramatically? What happened?

yes, I think i realized that the way I style was a representation on how I felt but I didn't want it to be like that anymore.

No. I still wear exactly the same as I did in my first job out of university - I just replace things as and when they get torn or stained (or in my younger days when they no longer fitted) with the same things

I stopped being depressed my fashion shifted to more comfortable and more care free. I want to look good but I just don’t put in the effort.

I think I always loved clothes, but we didn’t have any money growing up. When I became financially sel-sufficient, I started dressing for joy.

My style evolves every few years. I also go through color palette phases (all black, all gray, all pastel, etc.)

Always dressed with feminine energy and style since I hit puberty. I didn't wear makeup for awhile and it took me awhile to get it right but I got that down by 17 or so.

Not dramatically..just dress differently to accomodate up and down weight fluctuations (10 lbs)

16 years old. I restarted dressing as my mom was advicing.

My style as a teenager was more alternative and at some point, I was wearing nothing but floral prints, skirts, and more colorful clothing (it was very shortlived). I want to say it was because I got my first boyfriend and someone (bf) put it in my head that I wasn't girly enough for him lol looking back, it's funny now, but I was very gullible.

Now! I am determined to stop buying and reaching for neutrals. I want to inject more color and life into my wardrobe!

i wore sanitary napkins everyday from age 23 on.

No, unfortunaltely my style changes organically. I would love to be that daring and definite...


I stopped to wear short skirts. Nothing special happened just realized, that my thighs are not nice enough any more to show them up.

I think your style evolves with your life. Trendy as a young person, classic at work and casual with kids and finally casual, but with style in my 60’s.

lately, i'm more confident in myself and trying. i was not confident for a long time and recovering from trauma and wanted to hide. i used clothing as a shield. now i feel i can be more open and relaxed.

When I was a child, I loved dressing boldly and feminine, and since after quarantine I've enjoyed that style again. Sort of the outfits that look nice and put together, but you so want people to stop and say, "Look at you, all dressed up!"

When I started to dress in a way that made me feel good and not what my mom thought I should wear

college -- I was finally out of uniform and I started buying "artsy" clothes -- mostly because they were cheap and colorful

i briefly wore peasant skirts, ankle socks and retro 90s stuff in high school (mid 2010s). it was probably the most fashionable i've ever been but i didn't realize it. now most of that stuff is passe or stands out too much.

When I realised that not following trends did not mean I had to be frumpy or anti-establishment.
When I stopped trying to wear styles that i saw my friends wearing. They looked amazing in it, but it didn't look great on my body type, and I never felt comfortable. I realised that I could find my own way.
Instead of focusing on styles/coolurs/texures/shapes, I started thinking about words relating to how I wanted to feel and the essence I wanted to project, and then when from there. i

This has happened at nearly every stage of my life so there's not one particular answer to this question for me.

My style slightly changed when I entered college (not dramatically though). Seeing people around me wearing a variety of amazing clothes everyday made me realize that they do not dress up for others but for themselves instead and that's what gives them the real joy of dressing up plus feeling good. So, I did some introspecting and found out that there were a variety of clothes which I always wanted to try out but never did because I was worried what would people think of me. I decided to stop getting worried about it and then my fashion style range became much wider than before.

No, I have basically stayed true to be desire to be feminine in every way, every day.

When I was 10 I went from tomboy to girly girl.

No, it evolved very organically

Yes when I was growing up than my style used to change and I didn't want to wear tight clothes and short anymore

My style has never dramatically changed. Has always been somewhat the same.

Yes, this past year I finally started to find who I was as a person and my style changed with it

A big bang moment occurred when I was 14. I was sitting on a park bench by the waterfront, reading a book on a warm June day. An incredibly creepy old man walked up and started taking my picture. He told me I was beautiful. I felt paralyzed with fear and acted like I didn't mind having my picture taken to avoid upsetting him.

In that moment, I decided I was an alternative girl, like my friend Caroline's older sister who wore Metallica tank tops. I thought I'd get as many piercings and tattoos as I possibly could, as soon as I could. I wanted to look tough, so men didn't bother me any longer.

I had something like 31 body piercings by my 18th birthday. I had three quarter sleeve tattoos by 20. Today, at age 31, I have 2 piercings and loads of tattoos. Alternative style feels natural.

And for the still bother me.

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