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14. Was there a point in your life when your style changed dramatically? What happened?

For a while in high school, I wanted (because of the person I was dating) to dress more masculinely on most days. I got misgendered regularly during this time period because I was so thin and flat-chested.

Its getting less and less ironic or exagerating. Its fitting more and more together but stays extravagant. Before it rather looked like a Mixed up Color Style Flash.

i was pregnant

When I turned thirteen and realised that K-Mart graphic tees with inspirational quotes don't go with snapback hats and chokers.

My style changed a lot in my first year of University. I was living in a hall of residence with about 170 other people, half of whom were girls. All of a sudden I became obsessed with wearing what every other girl in the hall was wearing. I wore a lot of stuff that previously I'd never have worn, and in hindsight a lot of what I wore is what I'd now describe as a bit slutty. I also became obsessed with buying clothes - I did it constantly, though nothing was expensive and nothing was good quality. I spent so much money on clothes that I was actually meant to be putting towards paying for my hall of residence fees. It drove my parents crazy. I actually remember going home halfway through the year and Mum giving me a stern talking to about how I needed to stop spending money on clothes just to fit in when I couldn't afford to do so. Mum also told me that she found it really disappointing that I'd lost the unique style that I'd developed over the few years prior to going to University. She was sad that I was dressing like everyone else was and told me that a lot of the clothes I had bought were tacky and bogan. Those conversations have stuck with me and had a huge influence on me. I realised how much I wanted to be someone who was known for having a unique and distinct style, as opposed to being someone who followed the crowd.

Minimalism about 6 months ago. I am working on trying to get down to only owning 30 items of clothing.

I used to wear very short skirts and slinky tops. I have aged a little and my body changed

Not really. I gradually phased out the more frilly touches in my wardrobe because I really am not a frills person even if it's just a soft blouse with jeans. But it wasn't really a sharp turn into a different direction.

When I was 14/15 I wanted to look like a rockstar,then I regained my sanity.

I went from sporty to scene. Wearing bright colours to black with bright colours splashed in

As I said in my answer before, moving to New York strongly impacted my desire to exercise freedom of attire. I also lived with a friend whose fashion sense I admired, and we shared a lot of clothes, so that informed some of my transformation. Once I hit 22, I was making enough money to buy nicer things, though I still usually hunt on eBay or Goodwill for designer things that are in great shape, for way, way less.

I started wearing a lot of black when I was 13. before then I was sort of a tomboy/sporty pseudo jock. I was never going to be a popular kid, so I decided if I couldn't be popular, I would at least be memorable. So I was the goth jock. I dyed my hair black and was the best distance runner in the school. I wore only black.

I carried on that look into my early 20s more or less, then stopped dying my hair different colors and let it go natural. I have continued to have black as about 50% of my wardrobe. But since my early 20s I let go of the goth look completely.

Yes, when I was 21 I started dressing much more feminine. This is also the year I started drinking, going to bars, and sleeping with men. My change of style and attitude increased the male attention I got ten fold.

I wouldn't say 'dramatically'...when I was a teenager I had my dark-emo phase, but just like everyone else.

As a child I liked 'classic' or timeless looks (as far as that is possicle for a child and as far as ther was money), as a younster I was totally in to hippy dresses and black stuff, wearing a lot of make up, a hat and weird velvet jackets, after that I went back to timeless. Puberty happened.

Yes, many times. Two that come to mind:

I was raped in college and for the next 3 years, had to see the rapist around campus. The first fall back, after it had happened, I came back with steel-toed paratrooper boots that made me feel powerful, even when I was plagued with anxiety and PTSD. I literally felt that if that person bothered me, I could kick them. I wore a lot of edgy clothes and many layers.

More recently, I had a major period of anxiety and depression and my wardrobe became more and more restricted and I became more and more invisible.

Both, I think, were ways of feeling protected and safe.

In junior high I switched from pink to black overnight.
Then after I was raped I started wearing a lot of baggy stuff

Oh my god, 8th to 9th grade is definitely when my sense of fashion woke up and realized that my brothers hand-me-down clothing was no longer acceptable.

After my children were borne, I had gained 20 kg, was almost insane with exhaustion and kind of lost my sense of style, of being me, of caring.

I’m twenty-seven now, but four years ago when I cut off my all my hair, my style didn’t change (dramatically, or otherwise), but I did feel even more freedom to experiment.

yes from 7th grade and 8th grade to freshman i started dressing to fit my new body.

The worst i "dressed" was when i was sick, fucked up on meds and fat from it, so i couldn't wear my usual clothes, it happened a couple of times in my life and it was awful all the time.

There’s never been a dramatic change in my style - apart from anything else, I could never afford to suddenly change my wardrobe.

As I said before, my whole point of view and style changed over a year ago.

This question is similar to question 4. I feel my way of dressing changed dramatically in my second year of university. I stopped wearing clothes that were deliberately hiding my body and embraced my body more. I stopped wearing much colour.

Yes. I used to like people's styles until I realized that I need to set a trend for myself that why I went into the grunge style which I absolutely adore now.

Stopped wearing trousers because I felt fat, wore skirts, then jeans & now dresses. I realised that I am not fat. My image of myself was very wrong. I feel good now. I am 51 & slimmer than women half my age, hurrah!

Yes! I wore a skirt to school, and for the first time I didnt feel uncomfortable. This inspired me to bring skirts and dresses back into my wardrobe and make them a bigger part of it.

10th grade. I started finding myself. I changed my style from skinny jeans and tight shirts and hoodies and sneakers to plaid miniskirts, thigh high socks, combat boots, and shirts ripped apart and held together with safety pins. I also started wearing a lot more makeup. I don't remember quite what made me start this, but it was a fun phase.

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