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25. Are there any dressing tricks you’ve invented or learned that make you feel like you’re getting away with something?

recently i have learnt that wearing a casual outfit with a fancy (ish) bra or bralett underneath that is showing, can pass as somewhat fancy.

When I wear a sweatshirt, I don't have to wear a bra, which is very satisfying.

I'm not sure if I understand right... But I recommend to wear right-size clothes, otherwise you end up looking weird.

Inexpensive clothes > tailored perfectly to your body, a few snips and changes when you know garments and your own flaws >> can look so much more expensive and put together.

not really

Everything goes with vintage coach bags. I have about 7. I never need to buy a purse again.

Wearing a black skirt under a tunic or dress adds length and texture to the tunic or dress, and I think makes the tunic or dress look a little bit more elegant on the basis that the skirt gives it a little more length. I also think it adds a little quirkiness to an outfit without being too overt.

Jackets and scarves in winter hide many flaws.

The classic white t-shirt - blue jeans combo for when you're running out of time.

Tight pants/leggings all the way up to my ribs to smooth down muffin top

I often wear a long, flowy, high-quality skirt that accentuates my waist with a casual (but secretly nice) t-shirt. It makes me feel cool, somehow.

I also am the Queen of eBay -- or the princess, because there is NOTHING my mother cannot find on the interwebs. Doesn't matter if it's been sold out for years, she will find it. On sale.

Yes, wearing a different scarf the next day when wearing the same rest of your outfit. No one notices. This is not original at all, but it's completely a trick that works.

My hair is thin, so having bangs and knowing how to give it volume makes me feel like a wizard.

Wearing men's boxer briefs. No lines. Super comfy.

I'm not that smart

Good quality, second hand.

An effective mask for acne and soft skin can be made from green tea and diatomaceous earth. I wash my hair with a 2in1 shampoo then tip plain green tea over it then rinse. It stays clean for about four days and doesn't get greasy easily, and I don't have to buy it every other month.

Wearing dresses with different tops over them so they look like new dresses or like new skirt/shirt combinations. Buying clothes at TJ Maxx and Target. Wearing black. Wearing leggings (not tights) as pants. Not wearing bras.

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