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25. Are there any dressing tricks you’ve invented or learned that make you feel like you’re getting away with something?

It was a game for me to see how long I could stretch wearing non-pregnant clothes. Only at 30 weeks now am I reaching the point where most of what I’m wearing had to be bought in a maternity store.

I tie the straps of halter tops to my bra. My breasts are too big to be supported by them without giving me intense neck pain, so I found an alternative.
I also pull long skirts up over my bra sometimes to create a mid-length skirt.

Hmm…I think pairing two blocks of colours works well today.

Dry shampoo makes me feel so goddamn sneaky.

I can't even imagine what I would need to 'get away with' so no.

Cutting off the sleeves of old cashmere sweaters and wearing them as legwarmers.

I am surprisingly steady-handed when it comes to liquid eyeliner.

I don't think I've invented anything. Sad, eh.

Not really, unfortunately.

this one everyone knows but…mix hi and low…and every time I wear a silk vintage item, everyone thinks it's something fabulous from a contemporary designer..

for some reason i feel like i'm getting away with something when i find an item on ebay or through thrifting, and i get it tailored to perfection. even though at that point i've dropped some cash on the item, i still feel like its a deal.

If I wear something that usually someone half my age would wear and I don't look foolish, well that describes my favorite outfit right now. I also love finding clothes in stores that no one would expect to find anything interesting in and then get many compliments.

I like to cut out necks in my t-shirts sometimes to make them more interesting.

I know as soon as I see a shirt or a dress whether or not it is right for my body type. Generally, I don’t wear anything that’s tight around the midsection, because that’s where I gain the most weight.

shopping at the Salvation Army constantly. I’m not covert about it- I tell everyone I shop there, but I love dressing myself in recycled, inexpensive stuff and feeling like a million.

A blazer makes me feel put together and ready to face the world even when I'm not.

But by "blazer" I mean Thyskens' Theory.

I have big black glasses and I don't have to wear eye makeup when I wear them because they frame my face. Just lipstick. I hide behind them.

For the past three years I’ve been telling my stylist to cut my hair like a surfer dude. At first she cut it long and shaggy. Now it’s short with swooping bangs. This feels sneaky and subversive. Like, I look like a 36-year old woman but really I’m a 16-year old boy. Or maybe the other way around.

It feels silly to say, but yoga pants really do make butts look better than they do sans yoga pants. I worked at lululemon for a few spandex-and-body-dysmorphia-filled months, and while there I scored an impressive haul of heavily discounted yoga pants. My dream is that they'll stay attractive and stretchy for the rest of my life. It's been a couple years, and so far so good.

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