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28. Would you say you “know what you like” in the area of fashion and clothing? If so, do you also know what you like in other areas of life, that is, are you generally good at discernment? Can you say where your discernment comes from, if you have it? Or if you don’t have it, why or why not?

Yes, I know what I like, discernment comes from my religious beliefs

Yes, yes, yes, no.

as i mentioned before, i used to have hard time finding what style i actually like, what describes me, but now i think i know what i like in the most areas of my life. i just listen to my heart.

I know what I like. My youngest daughter knows me even better. We are very, very close and she could dress me because she knows me that well.

Yes I know what I like in fashion. As for fashion, I'm always on-line looking at what is in and reading fashion magazines. I try to purchase things that I see that are in fashion and that I like.

Yes. I typically know what I want, or like, even if I can't afford it.
Discernment, yes. But acting on it is more difficult because I typically like things outside of my financial reach.
I definitely can't say definitively where my discernment comes from, other than being a product of my experience, and my values. Other than liking quirky, left of centre, thoughtful things.

I know what I like in all areas of my life, discernment comes from self knowledge, self evaluation, self respect, self confidence and self honesty (if there is such a thing)
Also, discernment comes from a decade of therapy.

Yes, I do think I know what I like, in fashion/clothing. But sometimes maybe I should venture out of this too e.g. wear some more prints..! In other areas of life, yes. I think it comes from exploring more. Like if you are open to new things, it becomes easier to discover and predict what you will or won't like!

I can't put it in words, but I usually know it when I see it, yes.

I do know what I like, but it's more that I know what will look good on me. I have a few driving principles that help me make decisions, and I also have a desire to come to conclusions quickly and not dwell on any decision that ultimately isn't that important (like picking out an outfit or movie rental)

I've always been quick to know my own tastes.

Working in a used clothing boutique for years (awful job) and sifting through thousands and thousands of clothes to select what to buy for the shop has given me the skill of very fast discernment when it comes to clothing.

I don't have amazing discernment, but I have definitely seen a lot of growth & right now, I'm not too bad. I do think I know what I like as far as fashion, when I get outside that zone, it starts to waver a little.

I know what I like but I just don't if it looks good on me.

I think I do know what I like. I think everyone does deep down.

Does knowing what I DONT like count here? This question is overly complicated.

I think so. It's been hard one. Trial and error gets you there. And openness to feedback.

I don't have good judgement in life in general, but I know what I like in fashion, by what I find pretty and I think will suit my body type. I have made a lot of mistakes in what I think will look good. I don't know why

yes i love my job private life and fashion style

yes definately. I would say I am very discerning and that's come from me as I am creative and very eccentric.

Yes, discernment in fashion and clothing seems to directly relate to a sense of preference awareness.
Gut feelings. I like to search for particular qualities in things. I rarely find exactly what I'm looking for, but when I do have alignments in shape, texture, spacial organization, color, etc. I know instantly.

Yes, comes from. Not wanting to look like others.

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