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33. What is really beautiful, for you, in general?

Interesting, kind.

Well put together, a for effort

This outer person is a little judgmental and doesn't like too much makeup. I don't know who it is

My husband often tries to fix my collar or tell me that my colours clash before I go out. I find it very irritating when it is unsolicited, which is nearly always.

No, I don't think clothes have that much effect on my judgment

I've never thought about this aspect and don't think I want to.

This person is quiet but lets their clothes and hair (my hair is long and half purple) speak for itself. Very observant and dislikes rambunctious crowds.

The other person is supportive and wants me to look her best.

I look like a creative person, who takes some, occasionally questionable, risks with fashion. I don't always look like I take great care of myself in the personal grooming stakes. But on those mornings I don't usually look in the mirror anyway.

I look friendly but I can understand why people may be intimidated by me.

Bohemian, artistic, well-educated — a proverbial blue-stocking. Someone who appreciates other cultures and traditions. Someone who is sharp and self-aware. Someone who has no interest in appeasing bullies or in suffering fools.

I've been told that I have a "strange charisma". I don't even know what that means.

Rough, rude people tend to avoid me. Some men are very threatened by me, especially the loud, opinionated sort, as I'm not easily intimidated and can hold my own in almost any sort of discussion—not that I approach these for the sake of argument. Some women also tend to find me abrasive, especially if they are at the opposite end of the political spectrum or they hold fundamentalist views on belief/non-belief. I can be very pointy when I have something to say, and I'm not afraid to voice disagreement. So my confidence will be off-putting to some people.

But for the most part, I am a live and let live sort of person.

I think I'm open, approachable, reasonable (unless you push my buttons!), intelligent, well-read. I'm also stubborn and opinionated and emotional. I'm very much like my father, but, to my mind, much less controlling.

well i don't have a full length mirror. and there's a reason for that. i feel better about myself if i don't know exactly what i look like because i'm much better looking in my head than i am in reality to myself. i do check my make-up/face at a window though to make sure my makeup isn't clown like (the lighting in my bathroom isn't ideal).

It's a male gaze I suppose. I have a deep personal interest (so much so that I've meditated on it and done a lot of projects around it) in seeing myself from the outside. Whether it is an unexpected reflection in a building or a visualization I do, I really try to understand myself from the outside.

They are practical, no fuss type of person.they aren't trying to be in the limelight, they want to seem friendly and approachable

Not really. I like to meet my own standards - no-one I know would really 'approve', as such, I'm thrown upon my own judgement.

neat, tidy, colourful, easy to approach
nedds to stand up straighter

She is shy but confident and sometimes sloppy. She is very careful about the way she presents herself.

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