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33. What is really beautiful, for you, in general?

Someone who is a little bit self-conscious about the way that they look, but someone who doesn't spend countless hours manipulating the way that she looks - someone who doesn't spend a lot of money and time on makeup, hair dos and glitzing herself up. Someone who has strong values and someone who values intelligence and conversation over looks. Someone who likes to eat and drink with friends.

I can't see myself from outside.

Well,I'd like to talk to this person. She seems like the kind of girl who would talk about shoes all day.

She'd too big for that, she needs to cover up, she wears too much black, sometimes she looks like a dike. It comes from past judgements of disrespectful people

My twin sister is my outer eye, and she almost always looks better than I do at an event. Plus we are identical, so I am always comparing myself to her. Her hair is often much more expertly done than mine, and her makeup more sophisticated. She's a knock out. I'm the earthier one, I guess. If she comments on my look, I listen and heed her advice. I used to be bothered by it, but for years now I know she is right and her intention is very loving. She's my best friend, and wardrobe consultant.

Oh god, this is my absolute least favorite kind of dressing. I never really wear make up or do my hair or wear fancy things, so the whole ordeal feels unfamiliar and I feel ashamed that unlike other women, these things don't just come naturally to me.

I don't do that. It would mess me up too much.

There is no “other person;” I am the “other person.” I just see myself and I don’t need approval from others. I suppose I hope to look approachable and self-aware, open, smart, confident, clean and well-kempt, adventurous, competent.

I really don't know, that a question i can't stop wondering, but never had a clue.

I probably look fun, light hearted, silly. Maybe even cute (!). Which is not totally what I am like. But I think I also look interesting and probably like I have something to say. I think someone would think I was confident in myself and not afraid on what other people think.

I look myself in the mirror and see if i think i look good. I might change a scarf, but i rarely think of others. I know my style is good and my clothes are beautiful, so if i like it, others/outsiders will too.

My "outer eye" is actually based on small snippets I have taken from what people have told me I look like (in particular, complimentary statements from ex-partners)
I would like to think that the person I appear to be is a little bit mysterious and aloof. I also hope that I appear approachable, however.

I actually try to go away from that.

A quiet person, simply dressed, smart, reserved

I'm not quite sure.

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