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33. What is really beautiful, for you, in general?

I like to imagine I look "cool", but I'm old enough to know that's a laugh; I probably look both like a weirdo and more normal and boring that I think I am. Honestly, I don't know what people think when they look at me anymore.

I think I want to appear elegant but not frumpy or outdated.

i just pretend that it is me looking at a "twin"- my husband always says i look good, so did my parents- i am the one who remembers the mistakes and the outside me reminds the other me that i should look at those 2 colors in daylight before i go somewhere to make sure the blacks are ok together or the tweeds mix in the eye and go well with the khaki or not.

Can't really say..

I don't really understand this question. I don't disassociate my appraisal from myself. It's not based on anyone.

Messy hair. I like my hair being bed hairy & a curly wavy mess, but I'm pretty sure I'd judge others so hard if i saw it on them!
And I guess my feet if - my mum once told me any man who loved me would fall out of love with me the moment he saw my feet.
And my belly. I'm not fat or anything, i just have a small belly if i'm not like on a juice diet. Alot of family is quite large, so i guess I worry it'll get bigger?

Nope to the last sentence. I can tell that the other person is strong willed, and not easy to coy. she seems to not give a second thought of what others will think of her.

This other person is judgey, probably an ex-romantic partner. I usually rattle off a list of insults at myself, and if they don't seem to fit I'm good to go.

I only see myself from the inside of my clothing. Dressing for the outer eye is the kiss of death to one's personal style.

I used to be so concerned and anxious about what other people thought of me. I was always judging myself so harshly, because of society as a whole. I have been trying to smile at myself in the mirror each morning, think I am beautiful, and express gratitude for my healthy body.

A little -- I am mindful of the "fourth wall" a bit because I know that being dependably YOU (whatever that is) is a great social lubricant. Also, I try to be mindful of poise, and that person wouldn't shovel food in like I do at home by myself, have too much to drink, be loud, etc. : ) But I like doing that stuff, too!

I can usually surmise what people are thinking when they look at me. The 'outer eye' sees someone who is large, but confident, serene, and well-attired.

if i thought the above, i'd never leave the house

You know, this question is interesting. I don’t know if I try to look at myself from an “outer eye” perspective. That actually scares me. Thinking about what other people would think of me is exhausting. You can’t please anyone but yourself.

the lines blur a bit for me, the outer eye and the inner me... If I am honest, I believe I probably try harder than I need to to be on the other side of conformity. And the fact that if bothers me, bothers me.

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