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33. What is really beautiful, for you, in general?

What I think about is.... Is this appropriate? a.k.a. is the right amount of my body showing. Are the colors right for the place. Will I be comfortable or constantly adjusting?

For the vast majority of my life the 'outer eye' was my mother. A good rule of thumb for me was that, if my mom probably wouldn't like what I was wearing, then even if I liked what I was wearing at that moment, I probably would not like it as soon as I left the house.

Now it seems more complicated though. I guess the way I dress depends heavily on the situation I am going into. My 'outer eye' now is whoever I want to impress, and if there is nobody I want to impress then I just wear whatever is most comfortable.

She is more experienced, more assertive, and more sexual than I am. She is a bit harder around the edges. I think this other version that I sometimes create gives an outlet to certain incongruent parts of myself. She's a caricature of attributes I have that haven't had an opportunity to flourish.

She's smart. She is going to enjoy herself this evening. I generally see myself from the point of view of smart people who are also going to enjoy the evening.

It’s my own voice, thank goodness, and it used to be much more negative. I would get dressed and evaluated whether I looked dumpy, how my arms looked, and so on. Now I try to tell myself only good stories.

Not sure how to answer this question. If this is asking what I think other people think of me when they see me, I have been told that I present as someone very confident and comfortable in their own skin. I’m happy that people see me that way, but it’s not something that I consciously try to project.

I'd guess I appear neat and clean and comfortable, either focused and in a rush or possibly befuddled. Efficient. Not unfriendly but preoccupied. Probably I appear more conservative than I am. It's hard to answer this; I'm basing this composite on a combination of other people's past observations, astrological forecasts, my own guess-timation.

i try to wear my personality. an instant outfit is created by your feelings the moment you decided to go out. what i wear is more like a stiff lady but i dont find myself so stiff, maybe its just defence.

If I do this then it will be before an important first meeting and I worry that they will think that I look unconvincing

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