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35. Are you generally a good judge of whether what you buy will end up being worn? Have you figured out how to know in advance?

Yes I try on the clothes to make sure I like the way it looks for my age.

actually yes, since i started making my own clothes i feel pretty good at discernment of what i need and will use.

Not buying has solved a lot of that dilemma.


Maybe today. I'm trying to think what kind of clothes I usually wear, in what kind of situations. And will I be able to combine this new piece with those at home. Or does it solve a problem ("I can't go riding if it rains, because I don't have a proper raincoat." So I bought one.)

Generally I am, this is a learned behaviour though. However, I still refuse to cut the tags off a garment until I am 100% sure it is going to be worn. If it still hasn't been worn up until a week before the exchange period is up I will take it back to the store for a refund.

na - im rubbish at it

if i'm buying stuff because i want to buy something without finding something I usually end up not wearing it. So now I buy food then or wine.

I am a good judge of if I will wear it 65% of the time.

I have got better at this, though given that I have taken to shopping online more frequently in the last few years I have got things wrong on a few occasions. Generally the things I don't end up wearing aren't things I dislike the look of, but things that don't quite work that well on my body.

I try on my clothes in the store

Yes - most of the times. Sometimes I buy things to push my limits a little bit and those can be hit or miss.

I have a list of the things that I need and that I already have.

I have gotten better. I used to buy so many things.

Yes, if I buy something, I have to really like it, because otherwise I know it won't get worn as often as it should.

Mostly? I have a gut feeling when I'm taking a chance on something, and can be very impulsive. Since I have to little free time, I will often buy something because I'll be annoyed if I didn't get it, and end up wanting it. I do return a lot of things, or, if I take the tags off, give them to my friends or sell them at resale stores.

I try everything on, so I know if it will fit, which means then I will wear it. I have not had any luck clothes shopping online. When I gave that up, I became a much better shopper for items I will keep and wear.

I have gotten quite good at this. I had a phase where I was insane about rules about what could come into the closet and it could only be pragmatic things that would work in every day life. I think that is still a good philosophy.

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