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35. Are you generally a good judge of whether what you buy will end up being worn? Have you figured out how to know in advance?

100% of what I buy is worn, usually immediately, as I only buy to replace something too torn or stained to wear

Usually I know deep down if it won’t be a long term item of clothing.

Yes, I know what shapes flatter me and what my wardrobe needs to do.

Of course

Yes. I buy for my real life not for my fantasy life.

Yes. I wear everything I buy.

i wear what is suitable.

Waiting a few days before buying always helps.


Not very good judge but I have some years of experience. The fabric is the key for me.

i have an excellent track record of buying what i will wear and wearing what i buy.

Yeah, now I do, although sometimes I grow out of a style or it does not fit me the same way. Sometimes clothes loose their elasticity.

Yes I don’t make impulse purchases

Usually. I try to buy for my everyday life.

yes, after many many failures. if it's similar to something i owned before. i guess all my favorite clothes are just a series that branches out from a couple items i stumbled across once.

Generally, but then I can find myself in the trap of buying multiples of the same item... e.g. breton tops!

No I'm not a good judge of that! It's so conditional to the mood I'm in. I haven't figured out a system to gauge that yet either.

Absolutely. Color is always my guide.

I see what else in my wardrobe would go with it.

I ask myself 'do I really like this?' 'will I wear it' and try to answer that honestly.

Yes, by spending a lot of time in the dressing room

Not exactly

I wish I could say I was a good judge of this, but I'm still not.
I know if anything pinches--shoes or jeans--it's going to sit in a drawer. I'm a terrible judge of whether a garment will fit if I don't try it on.
The only really great predictor of whether a clothing item will be worn is trying it on in a dressing room as opposed to trying it on at home after purchasing or shopping online.

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