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41. What would you say is “you” and what would you say is “not you”?

Me - black, grey, blue, dark red, deep emerald green, faded jade green, soft deep pink, comfort, contrasting textures, quiet, comfort, simplicity, reading, dogs, tea, gin and tonic

Not me - orange, yellow, white, attention seeking, embellished, overly accessorised, gossiping, ambition, competitiveness

Not me: Fashionable Garments that look cheap and are of cheap, artifical materials e.g. plastic and from mass production.

Me: Things that custome made, Hand made, Things that are natural. Organic fibers, Wood that Shows how the tree grew…
more that.

me is: organic fibres, subtle colours, some popping colours in occasion, floaty, cozy, feminine with masculine, soft
not me: synthetics because they make me go insane, tight clothes, the skinny denims I used to love

I would say that dark denim jeans, boots (ankle or long), white shirts, plaid shirts, snuggly jumpers, a leather jacket and wool coats were definitely me.

I would say that white denim, low-cut dresses, bright coloured clothes and anything that is 'lingerie on the outside' is not me. Also, high heels.

no bright colors or big prints.
nothing fussy


When it comes to clothes im often seen in skirts, im not a jeans-woman so to say...

I am vintage, I am black, I am comfort.
I am not dress up, I do not dress to impress other people.

Anything is ‘me’ except for low rise skinny jeans and neon colored plastics. Also no clothing that doesn’t have a good texture.

I am very sensitive to what I look like and less think about how I should do that.

ME: free style, unique, funky, eclectic, cool, stuck in the 60's
NOT ME: suits, gowns, expensive jewelry, heels, fussy

Me - I am western
Not Me - Trying to lot like a teenager at my age.

'Not you' is girly.
Everything else is 'you'

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