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42. What is your cultural background and how has that influenced how you dress?

I'm African, a descendant of slaves, sharecroppers, and self-emancipated people who were forcibly displaced to America. It influences me a lot. I like to wear things that celebrate my culture and remind me who I am. I'm mindful of how I look because it affects how people view and treat me as a Black woman.

White..Irish..Bohemian..lower to middle class..Great childhood..great family and friends..worked hard since 16..not sure of influence

I'm more than sure it's influenced me in numerous ways, but I really cannot pinpoint exactly how.

i like jewish and christian clothes.

Eastern european background, low income, trift shopping, reused clothes, self sawn clothes. It influenced me not trusting luxury, not aiming for expensive brands.

I grow up and live in Hungary which was a communist (east block) country.Fashion and fashion trends were not the most important things in the 60-s 70-s. It was much more important to be "cultured" which ment behaviour and reading to know something about art. I think these are my influencer still now.

I'm Latina and white, and I guess it plays into my natural body shape and accommodating my curves before I look at the style. If it doesn't look right, I won't wear it.

waspy American - and Australian. Probably years in school uniform have made me more amenable to the concept of a limited clothing palette.

vaguely slavic-american. i admire the trashy/classy line eastern europeans carefully balance on, but i don't know if it influenced me necessarily. i try to embody the spirit of a matching adidas tracksuit.

European background, mum brought up by grand-parents. So it was about not following fashion trends, quality over quantity, investing in classic quality pieces. No one would wear a tracksuit on the street, even these days!

I'm white American with a Jewish dad and Christian mom raised non-religiously. This has no influence on how I dress.

I am English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh And this becomes quite apparent when the weather starts to get chilly, because my wardrobe will be drawn entirely from my stockpile of thigh-length Irish fisherman knit sweaters.

My mum was from France and moved to England, where i live. My dad was from Lincoln.

I am Indigenous x Lithuanian. I don't wear any traditional Indigenous or Lithuanian clothing but I am proud of my heritage.

French, I dress very French

It influenced women to always follow and keep the culture style

I was raised by fundamentalist Christians with very strict rules about modest, feminine fashion. I don't think I wore pants in public before age 12.

I used style to rebel at 16. I had a wardrobe in the trunk of my first car, a Dodge Intrepid. I'd put on the shortest skirts and knee-high leather boots as soon as I was out of my parent's eyesight.

To this day, I loathe any clothing that feels like something my Mother would approve of. I'll never wear a midiskirt, a peter pan color, or pastel florals.

I'm a Londoner, and the weather is very unpredictable, so I'm a fan of layers, and if I don't have a collapsable umbrella in my handbag then I'll be sure to wear something with a hood.

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