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42. What is your cultural background and how has that influenced how you dress?

Raised in a closed envirement With religious parents and Family, it influenced how i was as person up to the point i met my hubby.

Being raised in Catholicism made me want to push back from all types of modesty and the perpetuation of normcore culture.

I’m American—that’s the closest to a cultural background I’ve got. I dress overly casual in the wrong instances, I suppose.

I was a white girl in a rich white neighborhood. Clearly it had no influence. Interpret as you will.

My cultural background is living in the middle east. I used to dress uniform.

As I have lived all across the USA, I have been exposed to many of our 'subcultures'. Specifically East Coast formality, Southern rednecks, Chi-town eclecticism, living my most formative years in the Woodstock era.

My family all enjoys western and they all taught me well.

White middle class, working with white upper class bosses or clients.
I either dress to camouflage or to stick out like a sore thumb, depending on the situation.

??? Working class, country side. People didn't/don't buy often new clothes, and certainly they don't buy fasnionable clothes. People value what you do or who you are, not how you look like. From where I come from.

I love love love India and my love of colour and jewelry comes from my culture. Because I grew up in New Delhi which is super hot in the summers, I am happiest in cotton. I only wear natural fabrics. And hate polyester.

Certain beauty habits like coconut oil for my hair, tiny dabs of rose and vetiver oils also come from India

white british, well brought up, I suppose you would call it a conservative background

cultural background: catholic-bavarian
influence: i don't know

I am white and suburban. I watched too much TV. I studied media and film. I project myself a lot in media and am a Rolodex of pop culture references. I think I dress because I consume a lot of curated imagery. I try not to watch / read / hang out with crap. I am glamorous for the suburbs are dull, darling! I am Italian and like to look like I'm an extra in the lame Jersey boys movie.

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