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42. What is your cultural background and how has that influenced how you dress?

??? Working class, country side. People didn't/don't buy often new clothes, and certainly they don't buy fasnionable clothes. People value what you do or who you are, not how you look like. From where I come from.

I love love love India and my love of colour and jewelry comes from my culture. Because I grew up in New Delhi which is super hot in the summers, I am happiest in cotton. I only wear natural fabrics. And hate polyester.

Certain beauty habits like coconut oil for my hair, tiny dabs of rose and vetiver oils also come from India

white british, well brought up, I suppose you would call it a conservative background

cultural background: catholic-bavarian
influence: i don't know

I am white and suburban. I watched too much TV. I studied media and film. I project myself a lot in media and am a Rolodex of pop culture references. I think I dress because I consume a lot of curated imagery. I try not to watch / read / hang out with crap. I am glamorous for the suburbs are dull, darling! I am Italian and like to look like I'm an extra in the lame Jersey boys movie.

My cultural background hasn't really had any discernible influence on the way that I dress. Though I suppose living in New Zealand means that I am comfortable with dressing reasonably casually, but in the same breath there is a tendency for people in this country to dress so casually that they look like they've come straight from the farm or the gym! I think seeing people dress in that way has made me realise that while I want to dress reasonably casually and comfortably, I still want to put together a well-constructed outfit that shows a bit of my personality and that shows I've put in some effort.

Indian. It has given me appreciation of color and print, but also somehow driven me towards monotone dressing.

I always felt free to express myself so I don't see particular influences in my style.

I'm an Irish Mexican, it has no effect on the way I dress

I am a West Coast left wing wasp and grew up around beautiful, educated women who wore ethnic prints and jewelry whether they were black, white, Asian or Latin. I also grew up around birders and hikers, and all of these things influence how I dress.

I am ready for the weather, ready to walk where I need to go, but with flair and attention to how I look. I believe utility and style are not mutually exclusive.

I was raised to be independent and smart and thoughtful and opinionated. I think that is reflected in what I wear and how I approach getting dressed.

My parents are catholics from Poland. I was born in Australia but we moved back to Poland.
Poland is very... grey. If you stand out you get called names. If your clothes contain a political message you can get attacked. It's better not to stand out. As a woman I get called either a slut or a slob depending on what I wear. THere is no inbetween, it's either slut or slob.

German-Italian. In Italy, intellectual and stylish is no contradiction. In Germany, it's more complicated.

42. I am an adopted, African-American female from a Midwestern, middle class, suburban background and a mixed race family – I dress the opposite of what is expected -- maybe it’s influenced my hair.

Middle class, i suppose i dress modestly like a middle class not trying to imitate upper class.

I have an ‘Aye’ t-shirt and a ‘Yes’ badge for the Scottish Independence and I have a little kilt I like to wear which make me feel Scottish. I also have wild, curly, ginger hair and a penchant for Irn Bru. Can Irn Bru be a fashion accessory?

I'm scandinavian and we are modest, simple, basic.

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