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43. Do you remember a time in your life when you dressed quite differently from how you do now? Can you describe it and what it was all about for you?

There were a lot of those times! But one that had meaning was being a 'goth' in high school. I know it's not the same for everyone, but for me (besides loving how it all looked!) it was a way to seperate myself from people who treated me poorly, I tried to create an environment where someone would have to love me even though I was wierd, I believed that would be an easy way to discover who would be a true friend.
It may have worked, but the attitude I had at the time meant few people saw a reason to climb that wall of dark clothes and makeup to TRY to love me for who I was.

There was a time when I wore all black. I was in a bad place where the people I was with judged me horribly for everything so I retreated into the void of plain clothing. It was a reflection of how I felt on the inside to be sure.

Man, when I was like 19 and 20 I was such an experimental dresser. I played around. I mixed things. I wore garments in ways you weren't supposed to wear them. Like I wore pants as jackets and things like that. Now I dress more like an adult, which usually means less experimentation, sadly.

I used to be more concerned with labels when I was in middle school. We all wanted Calvin Klein, Levis, Nike, and Adidas stuff. By high school, it was more about who found the strange sweater at the thrift shop or in their grandma's basement.

You'll see above that there was a year when I worked for a magazine and fantasized that I was a career girl. It was a costume that didn't fit, in more ways than one. I'm a writet, so I don't have a career.

Sure. I went through a lot of phases. Dressed like a boy as a kid, I had a punk phase, a wacky phase full of odd colors and patterns. Now, I am pretty standard.

when I was into the hardcore/mod scene there was a uniform of sorts, doc martens, fred perry shirts, vintage tennis skirts and ripped tights. I liked it because it was other in my private school world, I liked the people, the creativity, the music, and not being mainstream. It was about teenage identity, shopping for everything at Value Village, the fringe life.

I used to roll hard in birkenstocks and keith haring t-shirts.

When I went away to college, I went from wearing very small town matchy stuff from the mall to a very grunge look (flannels and ripped jeans from the thrift store), but if I think about it, those 2 styles have kind of merged together to become how I dress now.

When I went out to clubs every other night.

In high school I was really in to Patagonia and Abercrombie before it got cheesy. My wardrobe consisted of cargo pants and flannel shirts. And then cargo shorts and tank tops in the summer. Fleece vests and jackets were a mainstay. I lived in Georgia, and it fit with my world. It was all about off-road adventures, lake trips, river rafting, illicit bonfires in fields at night, climbing water towers to make out, The Grateful Dead and fitting in with the boys.

I was a goth for many years and wore mostly black, as goths do. It was for the usual reasons people want to wear black all the time, wanting to be invisible (but it being the opposite).

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