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47. Are there ways in which you conform to or rebel against these uniforms?

I'm supposed to wear the designated backpack but I wear my own Everlane slouchy one! It has cool enamel pins on it. It helps to sustain my sanity and back health.

When I did have uniforms, I would break small rules or do hair and makeup that was rebellious. Like, in a private school, where there was a uniform and everyone had long flowing glossy hair and tans, I got a pixie cut, which i didn't comb, and wore eyeliner and black nail polish.

I conform but I hate it

I used to rebel a lot at school but in a clever way which stayed within the rules. Our uniform was a black skirt, trouser or pinafore and white shirt with black jumper or cardigan. I made myself a skirt with sparkly buttons, and I had a black dress with multi coloured glitter on and another with stars printed on but in black so they were subtle. I also wore fishnet tights and white ankle socks which weren’t against the rules, but could annoy some teachers.


As above

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