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51. If there was one country or culture or era that you had to live in, fashion-wise, what would it be?

I have absolutely no idea about how to answer a question like this

American California girl 70/80s

1970s. It's the long hair, bell-bottoms, lace, fringe, and leather jackets for me!


I'm happy with current times.

israel. or usa.

I don't know. I would love to wear corsets and nicely tailored dresses from time to time, but in other areas of life... I pretty much prefer the present.



The 60s?

I really liked the new look, although my torso is too short for it to look good on me.

medieval europe. leggings, tunics, those pointy shoes and silly hats...absolutely ideal.

actually, i take that back. 1960s new york.

Right now is good because I still have access to archives of how people in different eras and cultures dress. I don't need everyone around me to be doing the same thing. Sometimes I think it would be nice to live in the early or mid 20th Century when people dressed more formally outside of the house. But there was more conformity too I think, so it might not be as interesting.

I would be a flapper in the 1920s. No question.

!850s England

60s London

Congo specially

Probably the early 90s. I know many ultra-stylish people like Vogue's Suzy Menkes hate grunge. To me, grunge feels like home. I was raised in the rural Pacific Northwest, close to Kurt Cobain's home town. Grunge is a way of life here--the climate is hard, the economy is hard, and people are tough. My friend's Dad danced at her wedding in the same red flannel he wore to work as a commercial fisherman.
In addition to gorgeous grunge, the early 90s brought us amazing Riotgrrl style and Kinderwhore.

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