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55. Have you ever had a dream that involved clothes?

I have very many of these dreams. Even last night in part of one of my dreams I was trying on different dresses and feeling sad that none of the shoes I had on hand complimented the dresses. I'll usually dream about clothes that are in colors I don't normally wear.

Not that i can recall.

Going to school naked of course

Yes many times


Yes. If I dream about clothes it's normally finding a hidden room in a house filled with rails and rails of lots of different clothes all in my size, and the feeling of the dream is reinvention.

probably, very likely


Yes i have but that is more a sexual dream/fantasy.

Yes. I dreamt that all I had was Billie Eilish’s wide shorts and I was very angry about it.

Usually if it has to do with clothes, I'm missing them, and I'm trying to find them.

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