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55. Have you ever had a dream that involved clothes?

I don't think so.

i dreamed about buying a concrete pair of boots, which i actually bought the next day !


Usually it's that I'm hurriedly and last minutely packing to go on holiday and I'm trying to work out what clothes to take... and typically I get to the destination (in the dream) and find I didn't pack the appropriate thing (i.e. ski gear for skiing)



If clothing is a central part of a dream its because I have none on. but not since I was a kid.

I had a dream the other night in which I forgot to put on a bra and I spent the entire dream attempting to get back to my place to get a bra. There's no way these girls could comfortably flap freely in the wind.

I have recurring nightmares where I am trying to pack to go on a trip or am packing to return home from trip. I have too many clothes to get in suitcase or not enough of what I need. Maybe I failed to pack any underwear or I have nothing that matches. I've packed clothes I'd never wear. Or the act of packing simply never ends. No doubt the dreams have deep psychological meaning having nothing to do with clothes!!

Yeah, I've dreamt about shopping a lot. Often dreams about amazing second hand shops I've discovered that aren't real.

yes, in the dream, it was the first day at sixthform and I was worried about what I was going to wear, but it turned out that no one was judging anyone, and I felt a bit stupid for worrying about it.

to be designer

yes, lots of times, going to a flea market and getting a whole box of gorgeous old fashioned clothes

Many. Usually loosing and finding purses and sweaters.

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