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59. Are there any dressing rules you’d want to convey to other women?

Be true to you!

Do whatever you fucking want, I don't care. Listen to yourself

To always dress comfortable and presentable among themselves and others

You don't need to wear flowing empire-waist tops to hide your midsection. Don't hide anything.

I don't cover my crotch with a tunic-length top when I wear leggings, and the world keeps spinning.

If you think you can't wear heels, you may be wrong. High-quality heels that are made well and fit correctly are worth the investment and hunt. Don't buy heels online unless you know your size in that brand.

Focus on how you feel

Be more daring!!! That applies to men too.

dont advertise rolls of flesh.


Just be yourself.

Don’t dress for others. Dress for yourself.

Yes I prefer the normal way of dressing.

Dress the way you want. You're not here to impress anyone with your attire. It's what's in your mind and your soul that matters.

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