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59. Are there any dressing rules you’d want to convey to other women?

Just be yourself.

Don’t dress for others. Dress for yourself.

Yes I prefer the normal way of dressing.

Dress the way you want. You're not here to impress anyone with your attire. It's what's in your mind and your soul that matters.

Be yourself.

You make your own rules. That's the rule.

Wear clothes that you like, that make you feel comfortable. A smile is a most important accessory.

You CAN. You can wear red lips (those are timeless.) You can wear nice fitted bras. You can try to imitate a look that you want to try! Not just mine. Sometimes women will compliment something about me and say "I COULDN'T, but I wish I could." Well if it's not you that's one thing, but trying implies you don't take yourself as seriously which is totally a good thing, and you are beautiful and contain multitudes, my dude!

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