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59. Are there any dressing rules you’d want to convey to other women?

Not really, except don't wear see-through clothes with brightly coloured underwear or bra beneath.

Dressing rules, yes. It's sometimes hard to know what suits you. So ask someone for help. Anyone is fine, but someone whom you admire is great. This reminds me of something. My middle paternal aunt is very critical of the way I look. She made a point of telling me my cousin wore only Indian kurta shirts with what she called capris on a recent family cruise ship vacation they went on. It didn't escape me that I was wearing a kurta top and some of my favourite ankle length (emerald green) legging jean trousers. "Like this," I pointed to myself. She nodded. So I didn't look good to her. She said if you wear an all-cotton top it needs to be ironed. "I hung it up," I told her, she responded "where?!" She also said one should never wear lycra in summer.

Wear clothes that fit. You can do the trends. Accessories are awesome. Shoes can make or break an outfit. A jacket makes you look finished. Black and white never goes out of style -and adding a pop of color to that is awesome. Black opaque tights look great with almost any color skirt. Mix an unexpected color with an animal print to look fresh. Add patterns to your wardrobe. A big pattern is fresher than a small one. Mix soft and hard -studs and satin, leather and lace, metallic and fur.

The biggest one would be to only wear clothes that fit. The hem of your pants should graze the heel of your shoe without dragging on the ground. Flip flops are not real shoes and do not go with everything.

I don't think that any one rule applies to all women except that make sure that everything fits.

Please yourself. Synthetics are sweaty. A good bra can make all the difference. Constrictive clothes can be a lot of fun, but never wear anything that really hurts.

Dress to yourself, don't let your clothing overpower or diminish you.

Just because you can wear it doesn't mean you should. And if you are going to wear over the knee boots, splurge on real leather.

Don't let anyone limit you!

Be comfy and be you. Don't care about what other people might think: the chances are that they are not looking anyway!

be a bad bitch, always.

You should love every outfit you wear. What's the point otherwise? You have to wear something, so it might as well make you happy.

I suggest wearing what you really want to, being who you are…if this aligns with trends then that doesn't matter, and if it doesn't then that still doesn't matter. I think that colors and patterns are fun sometimes. Sometimes I like plain clothes. I dunno, the rules are for you to decide, and no one else.

Please wear a bra in an office environment. If you are going to wear shoes that show your toenails, please get a pedicure. Don’t wear thermal T-shirts that change colour. I wore one for a school presentation and only the breast area changed colour. I wish someone told me that.

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