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66. Tell us about something in your closet that you keep but never wear. What is it, why don’t you wear it, and why do you keep it?

A dress I bought when I was fifteen that is very opulent and slightly rococo looking with a cream coloured bustier top embroidered with pearls and small gold beads, a golden heart shaped zipper in the back, and a golden beige tule skirt. I thought that maybe I would wear it to prom, but I ended up in boarding school and I never went to a prom. I don't wear it now because it's not appropriate for every day wear. I keep it because it meant a lot to me at the time and it signified something. It was made by a local designer and I respect the craftmanship she used to make it. It also marked a shift in my tastes looking back on it retrospectively.

As of now, a top that I purchased before I had to stop running to take care of my Dad when he became seriously ill.

Old socks almost falling apart. I am not throwing something away that I can still wear but I don't wear them so as not to break them

My blazer because I feel that it not the write moment for me to wear it

My boyfriend bought me a black velvet wrap dress a few years back, printed with golden chains and red roses. It's both elegant and trashy, like me. It's never fit me right. I think cheaply-made wrap dresses are hard to wear, especially if you're not an hourglass shape.

I keep this wrap dress because he emptied his checking account to buy it for me in a really grandiose gesture of love. I had to buy our lunch afterward, and everything else he needed for the rest of the week. It was incredibly sweet of him.

Also, I've been telling myself for two years that I'll take it to a tailor and have it converted into a sheath.

It is this suit. I bought it two years ago in a Shopping mall located in the Suburbs of Philadelphia. I tried it on in the store, brought it home to Germany and never wore it here. I want to save it for a Special occation when a suit is appropriate. That occation never came until now.

it's a second bigger pair of my favourite pair of trousers (linen with snake print) because I was afraid of ever growing out of them. let's see if they'll ever be worn.

A Jack Wills green and white gilet. When I was a teenager JW was the rage, and I always envied the girls who could afford to dress themselves from head to foot in it. So when, as a birthday treat, I got the gilet I was over the moon.

Now it's hard to style because my other clothes really don't go with it, but I could never sell/get rid of it.

2 fabulous dresses bought in the 1970’s
one hand painted on burlap the other linen
2 Eskandar linen dresses


I dont think its any in my current closet that i dont wear atleast once a month.

I keep around a red velvet pantsuit that I promise I will never wear. I don't know why I keep it, I just think someday someone much cooler than me will look into my closet and envy me based on the fact that I own a red velvet pantsuit. Red simply isn't my color.

I have a skirt that I bought for an occasion. Hate the thing but the color is beautiful. I keep it in the hopes that someday I can find a way to wear it that I love.

A gray wool sweater with a cute cross-stitch of a hound dog barking. I got too fat for it. :(

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