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66. Tell us about something in your closet that you keep but never wear. What is it, why don’t you wear it, and why do you keep it?

A vintage leopard hat. Everyone seems to hate it and I feel a bit ashamed about it.

It is a waistcoat i made myself some years ago, looks like a sort shepherd waistcoat (like the sheepskin one without the sheepskin), i like how i made it and the finishing and all, but seriously how to wear it when you live in a city?

I have a quite a few black dresses which I bought because I liked but then remember I look funeral in. Its a serial problem. But I hang on to them incase someone dies; which is morbid.

Some pieces i have that don't fit me but i've kept them anyway because i like them. Why? Good question, maybe i'm trying to get up the courage to get rid of them. Maybe i'm hoping i'll fit them one day.

I also have clothing for special occasions that i rarely wear: for downhill skiing and a little black dress.

I keep lots of my old swimwear and lots of things I have purchased vintage. I keep them in case one day I decide I want to wear them again.

A coat, a large collar 1960 style, it's beautiful but can only be worn occasionally, I love it

I have a few vintage prom dresses that I don't wear because they were very expensive and they are so fancy that I haven't had a place to wear them again. I keep them for memories.

giant goth tulle skirt
it has sentimental value for me, but i know i am not going to wear it anymore

A couple of formal dresses. I may consign them.

Dresses that I look good in weighing 10kg less.
Or pieces that I bought on significant overseas trips that I am attached to!

A beautiful Dries van Noten lime green skirt covered in silver matt 'sequins'. It used to fit me perfectly, but I never got a chance to wear it. I keep it because it brings me joy to look at it.

It also goes with my wedding coat (which I bought before I even thought of getting married and wore on the day with a quite romantic old rose chiffon maxi skirt).

I wear everything that I have (as long as it fits me)

The dress I wore when I was six years old and a flower girl at my aunt and uncle's wedding. It obviously does not fit anymore but is so beautiful.

A beautiful red-brown leather Chloe bag

its heavy & big (even for me a big bag person)
but I keep it because it is beautiful.

There is this cardigan I have this is white and yellow stripes. I never, ever wear it. But I always tell myself that I will. I think because it is patterned, and I should only wear it with a white shirt. But I don't have a white shirt to go with it. Dumb! I'm putting it in the donation pile. I don't think an article of clothing should be that complicated.

I have couple outfits delegated for weddings and/or funerals. I may wear them once a year.
I have pair of insulated overalls I rarely wear but keep because you never know but what we might have a freak blizzard here in the South and I might be required to hike 5 miles in hip deep snow. In which case there is no substitute for said overalls.

I have this pair of high waisted black lace flared trousers and they are really cool but see-through so I never know what to wear underneath them.

A leopard print corset.
I dont wear it because I cant in the workplace and its very restrictive. I keep it because it symbolizes that sometimes being in a tight place isnt always an ugly place. I just depends on how you view it.

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