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66. Tell us about something in your closet that you keep but never wear. What is it, why don’t you wear it, and why do you keep it?

a pair of jeans that I keep on forgetting to try on to see if they are my size.

old vintage clothes, they no longer fit but they are old and I see them as textile works of art

Wedding dress. Just don't know what to do with it.

i wear all

I have a beautiful pair of shoes I was given as a present. They don't fit but I couldn't ever give them away.

The skirt I bought in Italy. I bought it because it is made there and it is special for that kind of island. I don't wear it because I don't have a upper part that fits to it yet. Furthermore I don't really know if it fits to me.

I don't really keep things that I never wear. I move a lot so I try to get rid of anything I'm not using. I do sometimes keep things that I love but are torn or broken with the idea that I'll eventually get them fixed or fix them myself and then I never do. I have this perfect pair of boots that I bought at an antique fair and wore for a year until the soles completely broke. I've been meaning to get them repaired for a year, but I still haven't.

A lot of my vintage is just for looking at it.

I don´t do that anymore. I realized that if I get rid of all the things that fill my closet but wouldn´t buy at this very moment, the leftovers are just all I need, combines perfectly, shows who I am, and relieves me from the guilt of buying with no criterium.

I have some of my mother's old shorts ,back when she was a college student. I never wear them because she was really tiny ,but I keep them because they are vintage pieces and have sentimental value.

I have three silk robes from southeast asia that my grandfather brought home when he was in the vietnam war. my younger brother and I used to wear them a lot as dress up clothes. I would never get rid of them to make space.

A pair of very low hiphugger elephant bells, in a white and pink plaid. I've worn them, but they require tall platforms. I found them on the ground near a water tower.

A black long sleeved shirt with a grey stripe down the sleeve (it's better looking than it sounds). I used to wear an insane amount of black, and this shirt fits with that style and is cool without being depressing. I just don't think it's my style anymore. But it's too cute to get rid of.

Watches, with Eiffel Tower designs.

A gold sequin party dress. It's very 60s / mod, I don't wear it because I never do anything fancy, but I love it and I hope my friends start throwing cool NYE parties again.

Some dresses I have old ones.old

My grandmother's black lace ballgown that I had altered to fit me when I was really young that I'll never squeeze into again.

The satin dress I bought from Modern Classics in 1981 (see answer to later question). It doesn't fit me any more but it reminds me of an exciting time of my life and I want to leave it to my daughter.

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