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68. Is there an item of clothing that you once owned, but no longer own, and still think about or wish you had back? What was it, what happened to it, and why do you want it back?

There's pieces I love that I think about from time to time, or pieces that are wearing out that I wish I could re-purchase. Beautiful yellow leather moccasins, leather Chuck Taylors, cashmere sweaters (idk where they disappeared to).

Yes..simple black long sleeve dress..when I had a waist

All the time. I changed sizes pretty dramatically, and at my smaller size, I had a lot of very cool, interesting clothes that I thrifted that were just beautiful and fun and made me feel good. And as I got bigger, they stopped fitting and I started getting rid of them. I have a lot of grief around that. It was traumatic to lose that source of pleasure and it's taken a long time to slowly rebuild pleasure and joy into clothing.

I also have pieces I gave away that I wish I still had because I learned how to resell my clothes and had some really, really nice stuff.

A vintage fur coat my dad gave me. I thought it was ridiculous at the time, but before I could appreciate my puppy destroyed it.

i had sexy clothes.

My winter coats. One black wool coat, tailor made. One army green. They just got overused. Some shoes and boots for the same reason.

No, there is no

A black floral dress that was too long for me but looked beautiful.

A tiered wrap skirt with tiny brown abstracted flower pattern on it. I wore it so much that I used to sit in it and repair it while still wearing it. It used to be halfway down my calf, and then I grew and it was knee length. It had worn out long before I got rid of it. I absolutely loved it.

a pair of my own personal sisterhood of the traveling pants. they wore out eventually and i never found another pair that fit so well, despite many weight changes.

A lightweight creamed colored sweater with a hood and black bat silhouettes printed on it. I probably wouldn't wear it now but I want it back for nostalgia purposes. I liked it a lot but I ended up donating it. There was also a vintage bracelet that was a thick gold band with a deer head sticking out of it that I owned at one point and gave away. I miss it.

The panda trousers I wore as a baby

Some of my clothes that my mom give away people because it was my favorite

No regrets. I've no closet hoarder. I have perhaps 2 bins of clothing I don't wear any longer, and that's too heavy of a load for my tastes.

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