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7. What is the most transformative conversation you have ever had on the subject of fashion or style?

With my mother about her take on dressing up... she owned very few clothes but she made sure no matter which one of those she picked up and wore, it always looked immaculate.

I've not had one yet.

I had a lovely talk a few months ago about how a good outfit can make a person happy. Fashion has a great power.

I read Mari Kondo's book about cleaning and now I just don't care about sentimentality that much and then I got rid of 70% of my closet.

Never have

I've had to endure many, many conversations/light teasing about why I wear so much black. In fact, recently, I was complaining to my boyfriend that it has to do with not wanting to make a statement -- wearing all black makes me feel like I can absorb into my surroundings. He pointed out that by wearing (mostly) black, I AM making a statement. Few people had pointed it out to me until I met his family in Georgia, where wearing all black is definitely more uncommon than it is in LA or NY.

When I was in college, my twin sister and I watched the French movie Emmanuelle, and the women in that film were anorexic-thin. Afterwards my sister and I both admitted that being thin is very important to us, perhaps the most important part of our appearance in general. I have never forgotten that conversation, and the look of being thin is my look.

After having my son, I've become bustier, and this infuriates me, as having a full bosom doesn't fit my personal aesthetic.

I think it was a series of conversation with my mother. She was ill for a very long time and lost hope, lost the urge to take care of herself and she didn't seem to find joy in dressing nice, she wasn't comfortable in her body anyway, and she felt that somehow she didn't deserve to look nice/pretty/distinctive. I felt differently and gently convinced her to try on dresses, even though her belly was floated, to spend some extra money on thing she felt good in, instead of only buying the cheapest stuff she felt horrible in any way, to try on thing that might look weird/daring/etc on the clothing hook (sorry for my crooked English) but might just look great on her, etc etc. I took years, but now every time I visit she proudly shows me the nice things the bought for herself, and actually take joy in it. She looks nice.

I'm not sure I've had it yet. I rarely have conversations about it, it's more of a solo-pursuit.

In my family we don't talk about clothes, they are meant to cover you, not to be pretty.

Never had one.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a “transformative” conversation about style. I enjoy conversing with friends, family, acquaintances, and co-workers about clothing, but none of these conversations has ever led me to reevaluate my own style.

probably the idea of transgender people dressing how they want to dress.

I talk fashion or style so rarely... so i just don't know if there is any...

Me and my best friend who also studied fashion, are known to talk about fashion and style ALOT. We talk about designers, street style, clothes, shops, our outfits and everything between. But our most intresting topics has been organic/ ecological/ ethical fashion. Why people refuse pay for more than 5€ for a t-shirt? Why people don't understand quality? How come some people don't know real leather from fake? How come people don't know how to take care of clothes? Why for some clothes are disposable? AND the ramifications of all this. AND how can we change the situation.

My course director at university jokingly told me I was already an artist because I dressed so perfectly to fit the persona. I was amused but also secretly gratified because it is a persona that I try to cultivate through my dress sense.

As written above

I was talking to my parent after I came home from shopping and they told me how I should broaden my horizons and stop wearing just a tshirt and jeans. This inspired me to get some nicer looking tshirts that could be worn with a skirt or nice pants, but are still comfy to keep me looking stylish and comfortable at the same time.

In fifth grade my best friend told me I had to start wearing bikini cut underwear or else we couldn't be friends anymore. That was the start of a long, many-year process of becoming stylish.

Wearing backless or low necklines

Don't remember one.

My freshman year of college, there was this random Sunday afternoon when I was getting off the Chicago Red Line stop and just happened to run into a girl I went to high school with. She’s really cool, and we were definitely friends toward the end of our senior year. I was as psyched to see her as she was to see me to, I remember she leaned in and told me, “I’m drunk right now.” I laughed, it was hilarious. Before we said our goodbyes, she half-drunkenly, half wholeheartedly looked at me and said, “You have style, Lauren Tussey.” I’ll never forget that conversation. It was just a quick compliment to accompany the goodbye, but her words made me realize that my style had become a part of who I was, and I think part of me wanted to hear that.

Trying to dress more my age.

Fashion sustainability at the BF+FA in Brooklyn, NYC.
Style - probably a work session where they bought in a style consultant (who proceeded to insult me when I went for a free consultation afterwards, we argued about what my size was... ummmm wtf - I think I know!)
But really, this isn't much a part of my world... talking about fashion or style.

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