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7. What is the most transformative conversation you have ever had on the subject of fashion or style?

That was when I wore a statement ring with a drab work outfit, and I was asked why it was that I only had this small colourful piece to show the real me. It was a bit of an epiphany.

With a stylist friend who revealed her own struggle with identity

Hmmm cannot remember but I do remember working in a hospital and realising our time is limited, so we need to be how we want to be while we can.

With my dad, about his love of fine clothes and shoes, and realising that he was far more appreciative of timeless quality than my mum.

I've not had it yet, but now that you mention it, I'm looking forward to it.

since 2000 elegance chic

about body shape and dressing for your shape even if for example 99.9% of females wear skinny jeans but they flat out don't suit some women, ok , most women under 25.

It's bizarre, but when I was a Masters student in Switzerland (I'm Canadian), my supervisor, a middle-aged Canadian man, once complimented me, after I'd lived there for about a year, on ditching my backpack and fixing my hair. It struck me as really strange, but also made me happy, as I took it as a sign that I was successfully assimilating to dress like a European and, by definition, presenting myself in a classier fashion. (It also struck me as incredibly condescending and perhaps a bit sexist, as it was insulting my previous self-presentation, but did give me something to think about).

Judith Jones told me about buying her Chanel suit in Paris. She was (hopefully still is) in her 90's at the time. The suit is a jaw-dropping yellow wool tweed that fits her very well.

not remember

Did not have one

when friends and family started telling me "where do you find these pieces? you certainly have an eye"

I don't remember. Maybe just with my mum as she said I somehow changed from dark colors to colors and now it seems right for me. But that was just something she noticed.

I cannot remember a single transformative, or even interesting conversation I've had on the subject of fashion or style. I don't have a lot of people in my life who seem to share my interest in fashion. I recently confessed to one of my closest friends that I thought it would be fun as a career aspiration to write about style and she asked me why with an almost dismissive tone to her voice. I found it hard to articulate out loud in that moment why style interests me. I always tell people I'm "secretly" interested in fashion, but it's not so much that I keep my interest a secret. It's more that my thoughts about style and how it relates to feminism and identity are a kind of personal, private mission that I've developed through a kind of study rather than through conversations in real life.

You know, I think the documentary I watched called "Secret Haute Couture" and a book on Nanny's coffee table about the history of art got me thinking of Fashion Design as an artistic medium.

I don´t use to talk about fashion. When I was younger, I decided to wear dirty old clothes to protest against my familiy´s attempts of making me look normal according to their standards. I always look at clothes as statement.

The most transformative conversation I ever had about style was with my uncle. We were talking about fashion among the years and how trends change but always come back.

My girlfriend Peggy is a real shopper and very interested in clothes. While we do not share the same level of interest, she opened my eyes to more possibilities for my wardrobe, like wearing white pants in the summer!

When a friend told me when i was about 21 that I'm actually very particular about what I wear.

My friend has told me that I should not wear long skirts because they don't suit me (I'm tall and quite chubby)

I had a conversation with my boyfriend about it, when we were in university. He talked about matching colours and also making contrasts. I felt that was quite enlightening.

Presenting yourself properly is not the same with being flirty. Because I'm afraid to look flirty, I don't apply too much make up before, actually I don't really apply it. But when I read a book about being yourself, I feel so motivated to do and experiment some fashionable styles on. I even attended training for my transformation!

With my best friend, on tomboy femme-ness, classic looks, having fun with clothes.


Don't go with the trend because then you have to buy so many clothes and I don't have enough money to do that. Just focus on some good jeans, a coat and some shirts.

I haven't ever had a transformative conversation. Any time I've asked a girl about her style, her response is brief... my mom has no care for maintenance of appearance whatsoever.

a friend defended use of make-up as "fun" and I had to agree she had a really good point. Other friends abandon ship at a certain age and I now think they are missing out on fun. Fun, the joy of self expression, is a solid reason to spend.

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