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78. Do you like to smell a certain way?


Clean and fresh

Sweet but complex.


Not particularly, as long as I'm clean.

yes perfume.

I would love to smell as newly washed clothes.


Yeah, like a gourmand.

I like tide laundry detergent

I prefer not to smell.

i don't like to smell bad.

Fresh and clean e.g. Tommy Girl, jo malone scent or a blend of essential oils.
I also have a 'dressy' perfume for when I want to 'dress up'.

I like to smell clean and like myself. I like to smell like fresh flowers if I smell like anything else.

I like to smell clean. Sometimes I wear perfume if I am going out and meeting new people.


Yes smelling nice,in a positive way

I wear cacharel amor amor perfume which smells clean, and a little like grapefruit. I smelled it on an exotic dancer in the deep south maybe a decade ago, and I loved it. I've worn it ever since.

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